Message from Thomas Ryan in Front And Center #activism

2017-12-01 14:27:14 UTC

2017-12-01 14:27:49 UTC  

@NDO Nick-TX Got it. just need to grab a new polo then.

2017-12-01 14:28:52 UTC  

This is the one most have.

2017-12-01 14:29:00 UTC

2017-12-01 14:29:16 UTC  

$20 on Amazon prime

2017-12-01 14:29:50 UTC  

If get it a size larger than normal. They are a little tight

2017-12-01 14:29:59 UTC  

I’ll order a bump cap too. That looks useful even for everyday wear.

2017-12-01 14:30:46 UTC  
2017-12-01 14:31:56 UTC  

Thanks for the help! 👌🏻

2017-12-01 14:37:20 UTC  

@NDO Nick-TX One more thing. Those masks with US shield on the front. Where can I pick up one of those?

2017-12-01 14:37:45 UTC  

Get with Thomas. He has them.

2017-12-01 14:38:56 UTC  


2017-12-01 14:40:02 UTC  

They're pretty cool. One side has the shield and the other has the crossed fasces

2017-12-01 14:41:24 UTC  

They’re also unique!

2017-12-01 16:02:26 UTC  

@NDO Nick-TX I do have the polo. No accompanying ballcap. Maybe you could suggest something?

2017-12-01 16:03:54 UTC  

Or does @Thomas Ryan know?

2017-12-01 16:04:25 UTC  

There was a specific navy blue cap we had

2017-12-01 16:07:26 UTC  

@Dustin Condor or 5:11 tactical make good hats. Around $20-25

2017-12-01 16:07:39 UTC  

As there 2 Bens in RAM? The Ben#### I'm in contact with says Johnny won't be at the event because he's tied up with another one.

2017-12-01 16:08:00 UTC  
2017-12-01 16:08:04 UTC  

That Ben is the main guy @Dustin

2017-12-01 16:08:14 UTC  


2017-12-01 16:09:42 UTC  

Isn't Johnny putting it together?

2017-12-01 16:10:16 UTC  

I was about to ask something along those lines.

2017-12-01 16:12:15 UTC  

He should be there. RAM and The Beach Goys are coming.

2017-12-01 16:13:26 UTC  

I wonder if he's scared. He has a price on his head from based cuck man.

2017-12-01 16:14:49 UTC  

That faggot and the proud boys will try to interrupt it if he's there. He actually might stay away so the rally can go on

2017-12-01 16:22:38 UTC  

Some of the Beach Goys will be there. We should have good company.

2017-12-01 16:28:31 UTC  

Try to get some good footage. Be interesting to see if any Antifa show up.

2017-12-01 16:35:50 UTC  

Johnny said it be cool if we had a banner or something, see if you can make one with the beach goys @Dustin

2017-12-01 16:43:35 UTC  

Open to suggestions

2017-12-01 16:44:45 UTC  

"Deport Them All"

2017-12-01 16:45:12 UTC  

That'll do.

2017-12-01 16:56:26 UTC  

So your gonna make a pf banner with that on it? @Dustin

2017-12-01 17:45:07 UTC  

Sure. It might just be a simple stencil with rods.

2017-12-01 17:46:56 UTC  

I can make a custom stencil and mail it if y'all cover postage

2017-12-01 18:00:25 UTC  

The only thing I don't have *if* we wanted to use it, is the PF fascio. But if it's just a grommet banner with stencils, I can make that

2017-12-01 18:00:46 UTC  

We could also get one printed.

2017-12-01 18:19:45 UTC  

Rather than paying a ton of money for each banner to be printed, perhaps we could purchase a wide format fabric printer, and do it ourselves for significantly less. We could get that money back by printing banners for other groups.

2017-12-01 18:21:04 UTC  

I have been thinking about this for a while, but right now I am working on buying a large-ish color laser office printer for flyers.

2017-12-01 18:22:01 UTC  

That's an interesting idea. It wouldn't be cheap I'm guessing. The professional ones are also massive. Not sure who'd be willing to house it.