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2018-02-08 21:22:11 UTC

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Postering I did today at Dalton State College

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2018-02-09 00:12:46 UTC  

@Deimos-MI we'd miss the cut off then.

2018-02-09 00:15:11 UTC  

Still wise to get the footage. We'll always be making something.

2018-02-09 00:26:02 UTC  

George Mason University

2018-02-09 00:27:01 UTC  

Sorry if most of these aren't useful, who'd of thunk that a campus would be busier at 7pm than 4pm

2018-02-09 03:36:04 UTC

2018-02-09 03:36:40 UTC  

Me and @The_Human_Shoah makin a banner

2018-02-09 03:41:26 UTC  

Why such a big gap?

2018-02-09 03:41:35 UTC  

Cut in lengthways and make two.

2018-02-09 03:41:52 UTC  

But B&S on the top and Deport Them ALl on the bottom

2018-02-09 03:42:48 UTC  

No Im not done

2018-02-09 03:43:00 UTC  

I putting america is our birthright

2018-02-09 03:43:20 UTC  

Nice nice.

2018-02-09 03:43:23 UTC  

Great idea.

2018-02-09 04:07:52 UTC  

@Goodest_Boy is a straight G when it comes to banners

2018-02-09 04:11:36 UTC  

Do a hologram via synched drones

2018-02-09 05:38:02 UTC  


2018-02-09 05:38:48 UTC  

We're not there yet. The amount of battery power you would need is too heavy for any reasonably priced drone.

2018-02-09 05:39:01 UTC  

At some point in the future though it might become possible.

2018-02-09 05:40:00 UTC  

An octocopter with the largest possible rotor blades can only carry about 52 lbs of cargo.

2018-02-09 05:40:43 UTC  

This is assuming it's electric. If we go ridiculously big and use regular helicopters then maybe it's possible. I have however considered using RC planes to drop leaflets over large events.

2018-02-09 05:41:08 UTC  

But that costs about $500 and at least 20 hours of work and I have neither time nor money right now.

2018-02-09 05:43:12 UTC  

Holy shit I'd pitch in for something like that.

2018-02-09 05:44:49 UTC  

I'll need to do some testing before I recommend it for others. I'll keep you in the loop though.

2018-02-09 05:47:07 UTC  

building drones that are capable of picking up preschoolers....

2018-02-09 05:47:37 UTC  

The trick is to get them while they're younger. They weigh less then.

2018-02-09 05:53:02 UTC  

@Hussar That's a great idea! How would the fliers be released?

2018-02-09 05:56:10 UTC  

Probably a drogue chute attached to something underneath the Flyers. It pulls out itself and the stack of Flyers, and then they scatter everywhere.

2018-02-09 05:57:17 UTC  

It would be like the World War Two leaflets.

2018-02-09 05:59:17 UTC  

Dude, I have 13,000 fliers I need to find a way to distribute.

2018-02-09 05:59:37 UTC  

Like 4000 of them are already outdated because Thomas changed the design...

2018-02-09 05:59:38 UTC  


2018-02-09 05:59:45 UTC  

Have you gotten them yet?

2018-02-09 05:59:58 UTC  

Yes, today or yesterday.

2018-02-09 06:00:10 UTC  

Haven't unpacked yet. I WILL take pics though!

2018-02-09 06:00:19 UTC  

And send them to you.