Message from Tyler TX in Front And Center #activism

2018-01-23 17:01:47 UTC  

MFLABEL Half Sheet Self Adhesive Shipping Labels for Laser & Inkjet Printers, 200 Count

2018-01-23 17:02:07 UTC  

Best deal I could find so far^

2018-01-23 19:36:31 UTC  

^^That likely won't work in more northern areas if the temperature low is 59F. Staples right now has a buy one, get the second 40% off for their labels, bretty good.

2018-01-23 19:36:48 UTC  

Also Vistaprint is running a 50% discount until Jan. 30. Pretty big savings fam.

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2018-01-23 19:42:26 UTC  

They use it for doing ice rinks, it's HARD to take off.

2018-01-23 19:44:35 UTC  

If it's a permanent adhesive, it would be considered vandalism. At that point, it might be cheaper to just use spray adhesive.

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2018-01-23 19:45:24 UTC  

@hyena looking good. Try getting some nice horizontal shots with the poster in the left or right side of photo.

2018-01-23 19:45:59 UTC  

Like on one of the left or right vertical lines here. Its called rule of thirds.

2018-01-23 19:46:47 UTC  

Good work with printing to the edge of the paper, looks very clean.

2018-01-23 19:56:44 UTC  

I posted them as i decended the stairs the doubled back there were people in the stairwell by that point and i didnt want my photo takeing to look obvious

2018-01-23 19:57:35 UTC  

Yea, if that's the case, you have no choice. Good job, regardless.

2018-01-23 20:01:19 UTC  

@hyena The first image contains a graphic that is not official promotional material. Please do not edit or make your own promotional material in the future.

2018-01-23 20:01:31 UTC  

If you have ideas or suggestions for new material, let me know.

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2018-01-23 20:05:31 UTC  

I copyied the image from something posted by you in. The social media chat though. If thats not officail then where are tge files for the oficial ones posted? All the images i have are just saved from here pretty much

2018-01-23 20:05:54 UTC  

All official posting materials are pinned in this channel.

2018-01-23 21:07:43 UTC  

Ahh thank you

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@Tyler TX Very nice

2018-01-24 19:06:34 UTC  

Very ballsy, postering in front of a Chase bank!

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2018-01-25 05:16:12 UTC  

We're a bunch of youngsters. Don't mind us.

2018-01-25 05:16:25 UTC  

Damn right

2018-01-25 05:16:47 UTC  

They gave us a video? Awesome. Need new content for our next action report.

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2018-01-25 05:17:11 UTC  

Yeah, the mayor was quoted too

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2018-01-25 05:17:36 UTC  

They even highlighted some good parts of the manifesto "founding stock"

2018-01-25 05:18:48 UTC  

At least they were honest about their being no threat of violence just "hate".