Message from Norman in Front And Center #activism

2017-10-09 12:55:18 UTC

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Patriot Front, brought to you by Pepsi

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@Thomas Ryan Pepsi, our corporate sponsor

2017-10-09 12:57:57 UTC  

Don't poster trash cans lol, it's bad optics. But otherwise great work.

2017-10-09 12:59:15 UTC  

@Goodest_Boy Deserves a ton of credit. He wrecked the place before I even got there. This is a fraction of all the pics we have and we didn't take pics of everything...

2017-10-09 13:02:07 UTC  

Awesome, I'll get some up on social media.

2017-10-09 13:02:15 UTC  

Where are these?

2017-10-09 13:06:49 UTC  

There up in a town called Gig Harbor and then at : which is in Bremerton

2017-10-09 13:07:57 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan I was going to wait at least until mid day to hit Twitter so they don't get a chance to take them down. Hopefully they're still up...

2017-10-09 13:54:01 UTC  

Oh shit Gig Harbor. Whidbey Island right?

2017-10-09 13:54:16 UTC  
2017-10-09 15:22:02 UTC  

@NDO Nick-TX it's close to their. Right near the Puget Sound Naval shipyard

2017-10-09 16:30:47 UTC  

Great job guys

2017-10-10 14:24:02 UTC  

2017-10-10 14:31:54 UTC  

The posters are getting more BUFF

2017-10-10 14:32:03 UTC  

Good quote and imagery

2017-10-10 14:32:12 UTC  

But what's going on with the left elbow

2017-10-10 14:38:00 UTC  

You can't see his left elbow, it's facing away from you.

2017-10-10 14:38:19 UTC  

His left elbow is to our right.

2017-10-10 14:38:52 UTC  

I thought you meant your right. The right side of the image.

2017-10-10 14:39:07 UTC  

The right side of the image is what I'm referring to.

2017-10-10 14:41:40 UTC  

Yeah, arm is fine.

2017-10-10 14:41:57 UTC  

Alright man, just asking

2017-10-10 14:43:45 UTC

2017-10-11 14:29:23 UTC  

U guys down with this little Debbie firing?

Enoch says he organized an assault on their fb page but i cant find any negative stuff there. But i could be Missing something