Message from Dustin in Front And Center #activism

2017-10-26 03:20:08 UTC  

Best bet with your guy you got locally should be to find if/when/where they're doing something and do a postering/stickering/or even a banner drop on it the night before/morning of.

2017-10-26 03:20:48 UTC  

Thats a great Idea...

2017-10-26 03:21:06 UTC  

A big Patriot Front Banner waiting for them to show up...

2017-10-26 23:23:24 UTC  

Did you spray paint or use a roller? @Goodest_Boy

2017-10-26 23:59:54 UTC

2017-10-26 23:59:54 UTC

2017-10-26 23:59:54 UTC

2017-10-27 00:01:50 UTC  

2017-10-27 00:01:51 UTC  

2017-10-27 20:26:42 UTC  

@Goodest_Boy When are you going to give the world the pleasure of seeing that banner?

2017-10-28 01:47:42 UTC  

Im waiting on norman so both of ours can be done on the same day.

2017-10-28 02:07:42 UTC  

@Norman Get your stuff together my guy. We've had too many posters right after each other and folks are getting bored of them.

2017-10-28 03:09:49 UTC  

Should be built this weekend

2017-10-28 03:38:12 UTC  


2017-10-28 03:39:02 UTC  

did you go to a place or run those through your own printer?

2017-10-28 03:39:14 UTC  


2017-10-28 03:39:15 UTC  

Printing out unapproved propaganda stickers 🙃

2017-10-28 03:39:36 UTC  

With your permission :)

2017-10-28 03:39:59 UTC  

Or I can botch it out

2017-10-28 03:40:07 UTC  

I never made the "goyim know" design official, it's fine, but for future reference.

2017-10-28 03:41:22 UTC  

I'll cut off the bottom ;)

2017-10-28 03:41:54 UTC  

It's fine, put them up, but I'm saying that for future reference don't print stuff out that isn't made official or run by me.

2017-10-28 03:42:03 UTC  


2017-10-28 03:42:14 UTC  

Optics are important, gotta stick to our guns on that.

2017-10-28 03:42:32 UTC  


2017-10-28 03:44:21 UTC  

I made this in response to the UT brick thing that's going on.

2017-10-28 03:45:51 UTC  

UT brick thing?

2017-10-28 03:46:54 UTC  


2017-10-28 03:49:40 UTC  

Yea literally RTF was offering a t shirt for a brick from there

2017-10-28 03:53:52 UTC

2017-10-28 04:19:14 UTC  

I haven't seen file for "America is dead"

2017-10-28 04:32:02 UTC  

I didn't put those designs up because I thought they weren't good dimensions for stickers. They work, though. I'll upload that sticker set tomorrow.

2017-10-28 14:28:33 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan for my banner, what do you think about “Jews killed JFK” then under it?

2017-10-28 14:29:51 UTC  

Eh, I don't think we really know that, and it's not one of our main messages. Also Washington has nothing to do with JFK's assasintation, if we did a drop in Dallas, maybe.

2017-10-28 14:31:33 UTC  

Do what @Goodest_Boy did, or something similar or timeless.

2017-10-28 15:10:27 UTC  

Report: The place I was going to poster the central area was conned off and there were multiple security cars in the central area so I had to go for plan d and hit a lightpost, If someone is bored today could they please monitor the Macon GA area for any activity (I will post a picture after I go to a few hour long meeting, why I cant watch online for any activity). If anyone does Thanks in advance 😃

2017-10-28 15:15:39 UTC  

Poster was a money does not rule you.

2017-10-28 15:32:45 UTC  

Nice, did you just put the one up? @clayshooter99 GA Send the pics when you have time.

2017-10-28 16:55:09 UTC  

I did just do one I had planned on more but the area was blocked off and there was a security car with its lights on where I wanted to put the other ones

2017-10-28 16:55:42 UTC  

Where was this? A college or something?