Message from Thomas Ryan in Front And Center #activism

2017-10-17 04:53:13 UTC  

Oh, yeah that's the only one of that kind.

2017-10-17 04:53:21 UTC  

What other ones are you talking about?

2017-10-17 04:54:08 UTC

2017-10-17 04:54:41 UTC  
2017-10-17 04:55:07 UTC  

Ohhh, the ones with the statues.

2017-10-17 04:55:07 UTC  

Those ones.

2017-10-17 04:55:16 UTC

2017-10-17 04:55:17 UTC

2017-10-17 04:55:18 UTC

2017-10-17 04:55:18 UTC

2017-10-17 04:55:19 UTC

2017-10-17 04:55:19 UTC

2017-10-17 04:55:23 UTC  

Here you go

2017-10-17 04:55:24 UTC  


2017-10-17 04:56:39 UTC  

Maybe print a few of those too. Thanks

2017-10-17 04:57:23 UTC  

Those are too many words for a flyer

2017-10-17 04:57:58 UTC  


2017-10-17 04:58:07 UTC  

That's a lot of reading

2017-10-17 04:58:24 UTC  

They're great for tweets or forum posts, etc

2017-10-17 04:58:29 UTC  

I design social media graphics one way, and posters another way for a reason.

2017-10-17 04:58:45 UTC  

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Just because you've seen the same poster ten times, doesn't mean your average normie hasn't.

2017-10-17 04:59:14 UTC  

Right gotcha

2017-10-17 04:59:50 UTC  

Part of IE's good publicity is keeping posters to a few, select bunch of recognizable designs. If they changed it all up every so often it would be less impactful if you saw one. Branding, my friend.

2017-10-17 05:00:57 UTC  

The flyers are great to appeal to the average guy. When he gets online looking for more info, then he's hit with the statue pics and manifesto, videos, etc. They'll confirm what they've already decided. "This is cool, I want more." And it builds up until they're standing with us cheering this on through activism

2017-10-17 05:01:26 UTC

2017-10-17 05:01:33 UTC  

We have shock value designs as well.

2017-10-17 05:02:30 UTC  

But we don't use shock value too often. Because edginess for the sake of edginess makes you look insincere, makes folks wonder about your actual stances, and gets very old very fast when folks realize you're just doing it for attention.

2017-10-17 05:03:48 UTC  

Might just make a bunch of the eagle logo and put those up.

2017-10-17 05:04:14 UTC

2017-10-17 05:04:22 UTC  

This one?

2017-10-17 05:04:50 UTC

2017-10-17 05:04:55 UTC  

Yeah. I'll make the some stickers of the one with the web address

2017-10-17 05:04:59 UTC  

If only we had it on a poster with a catchy slogan

2017-10-17 05:05:03 UTC  


2017-10-17 05:05:33 UTC  

Gimme the dimensions you want for the stickers and I'll toss them together.

2017-10-17 05:05:54 UTC  


2017-10-17 05:08:35 UTC

2017-10-17 05:08:54 UTC  

It peels into 2 stickers

2017-10-17 05:09:52 UTC  

5 1/2 x 8 1/2

2017-10-17 05:50:35 UTC  

First one looks alright just need to cut a little off

2017-10-17 06:06:43 UTC  

I was totally gonna make you some, but that works too