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I know I can’t really complain lol but I do prefer the heat

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87-90 80% humidity I’m pretty happy with that tropical atmosphere

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Though I gain a couple of hp in the cold weather on the bike so I can’t complain to much there either I suppose

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I would like 70 all year round that would be perfect to me

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That little bastard inside is lying

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This is creepy

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It's 56 here

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If I can't cook eggs on my dash it's not hot enough.

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looks good

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This is the worst attempt at a hit piece from some *principled conservatives*.

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they are in fear of it look at all the energy they are putting into stopping our rise

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they know the old right is done

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Conservatives are unable to see things in anything but a two dimensional plane. If something is a threat to them, it MUST be like the Democrats (who are the real racists, by the way), or even if they're Fascists, it's because the Democrats are really all racist Fascists just read this book by this BASED Indian.

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I hope they go out larping as Cato

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This is a Big Guy

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To the left, everything is white supremacy. Too the right, everything is liberals. Who are the real white supremacists. We are simple. We are the ultimate "I want to be left alone, but no one will let me" eventually you find out who won't let you be. And end their threat

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@Thomas Ryan While that video presented the bias of collectivism vs individualism, it was coherent and well thought out.

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Just printed out posters for a postering saturday morning

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nice im gona do some more this weekend as well

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Nothing about it was correct. On a racial viewpoint, both Conservatives and Leftists want the same racial makeup: A hodge podge of cheap labor. Conservatives want it to happen slowly, and Leftists want it to happen quickly. The ONLY people claiming that they think differently are his so called racists.

As far as religion, we don't abhor Christianity because non-Whites believe in it as well. Many of us hold the beliefs because they are an extremely important part of the traditions of our ancestors, and what made America so great.

As far as "misinterpreting the founding fathers", give me a break. The "all men are created equal" line is beaten to death while it stands in direct defiance of EVERYTHING else all the Founders put into practice and law, and every American denied the term until the feeble brand of Conservatism came around and got the right wing of America into the habit of surrendering to the Left a couple times a week.

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spot on

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Thomas Jefferson literally owned slaves when he wrote that

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The Left does not honestly pay too much attention to collectivism vs. individualism, they just think in terms of gibs and being anti-Nazi. Conservatives think purely in the individual sphere because it exempts them from noticing trends in different populations, and allows them to support the sweatshop-capitalism they so wholeheartedly endorse.

We, and I cannot speak for Spencer or the other lesser-known blog writers he used as reference for the Alt Right, do not endorse either alone, and we seek to put the individual in the place to strengthen the collective, and vice versa.

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I agree that it was full of falsehoods. His deductions, while in error, still maintained a certain degree of logic, thus those who are looking for a simplification of the alt-right can watch that video and understand the evaluation. More so, you can look at the alt-right content and see how he made those deductions. That's my point. i.e. His video, despite its flaws, appears to be impactful.

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Prager are big brian NiBBas

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I agree, it's impactful in the same way banging your head against a brick wall is.

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this is why activism is important no one can tell us who we are or do they wish to be honest it must come from our mouths

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Activism is important because, disregarding beliefs or ideology, the side with the most dedicated and impactful activism, whatever it may be, will win.

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this is true

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Let's not forget, George Washington owned slaves as well. @Goymen Sachs the best lies have kernels of truth. A, little logic does not justify an erroneous conclusion