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@Chris7577TX I didn't make that, but is good meme

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Guys I need to vent a little to someone that understands sorry, So my "friend" (almost in past tense). He is half russian half (((tribal))) and a while ago he got drunk and there was this female who was not (((tribal))) that was very handsy and drunk. The (((Tribal))) one was enjoying it a little to much (Yeah totally out of the blue for everyone except fucking me, BECAUSE HES A FUCKING KIKE). There were a few people that wanted to fight him for that (was intervened and stopped before it escilated). This time He is using one of my friends as a pawn (lets call him joe) joe has this idea of taking around 12 people to go to a cabin in the woods and get totally drunk for a weekend. The ((((tribal))) one influenced joe to make it arounbd 4 guys and 8 girls, I happened to be hearing this conversation and it was very clear to me that the (((tribal))) one wanted nothing other than the chance to have sex with one of the 8 females (Who will also be totally drunk pretty much the entire time). No one is planning on staying sober to prevent any (((impulses))). They also do not know most of the females well at all.

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Oh yes I forgot the (((tribal one))) has "found" me listening to the daily shoah once and I maintained plausible deniability however, I feel I can hold my ground if he tries to pull that over.

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I understand some of us have friendly relationships with other races, but I'm suprised you can even tolerate a jew. They aren't known for being "white presenting" in their behavior

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sorry to hear

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Yeah... Im currently undergoing the phase that the outer layer hes been "hidding behind" that let me tollerate him is pelling off. Thanks 😃

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Sick tunes.

Maybe some inspiration for your next song @FlintShrubwood

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Fresh. I improved that other one btw. Got many brewing. Do we have any footage to fashen up?

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Not yet, but you'll have your hands full from the Austin op.

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🤔 Worth looking into?

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I think so. Pax is a pretty smart dude.

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@clayshooter99 GA , Go to the cabin, and beat his ass if he tries anything.

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@Smiter-IL I cant spend the night but I think thats a good idea I was toying with it

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Just tell all the girls

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that he is scum.

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Thats even better.

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I like how we're all supposed to be "resilient and strong" but what it really means is, "it's bad, now move along, wait for the next one"

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Yeah that too Im going to try to do that asap

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Just flat out tell them all, look, this kike is a degenerate, and wants to pollute you.

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i think its obvious now that patriot front has the best (and most coherent) message of all altright groups

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I'd hope so, but I'm a bit biased. The Austin op will fling us into prominence, and hopefully most people will see that you can be American without cucking, and you can have clean/professional presentation without being a milquetoast beat-around-the-bush-er.

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Also, not to nitpick, but we aren't really in the Alt Right. IE and Spencer are the AR flagship fronts, so to speak, and the DS calls itself AR while being drastically different from IE/Spencer.

We're similar to Alt Right people and groups, and are often lumped in by the untrained eye, but so are others that claim they are not part of the AR movement.

If anyone asks what we are, we're Americans, and we're Fascists. In that order exactly.

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@clayshooter99 GA be more Chad, go to the cabin, have fun and control those THOTS.

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That's solid advice.

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@everyone Welcome our newest FL member, @Krieger-04

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Welcome Aboard

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Howdy Kreiger

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Glad to be aBOARd

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like this guy already

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Welcome man

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Quite the welcome, nice to meet everyone.

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Halloween is a really good example of the declining social capital in America. It requires safe neighborhoods, spending money on strangers with no real assured return, a sense of festivity, and a shared culture. As people lose what ties them together, not only celebrating it, but trick or treating as a good example, fades away until children spend the night on their smartphones instead, and their parents spend the night watching late night talk show hosts spout propaganda before taking their daily half dozen painkillers and sleeping pills to medicate them into the next day.

The overall faith in the American system and spirit is what has binded people together for centuries, and now that people are losing faith in the established power's ability to solve their laundry list of problems, they turn inward. Many isolate themselves, but some search for solutions outside of the accepted boundaries of social acceptance.

2017-11-01 04:13:15 UTC