Message from Dustin in Front And Center #general

2017-11-02 17:13:34 UTC

2017-11-02 17:13:36 UTC  

Niggers be triggered

2017-11-02 17:16:10 UTC  


2017-11-02 17:42:08 UTC  

Makes my next banner idea that much easier 🤔

2017-11-02 17:42:22 UTC  

Slap a kek frog on that

2017-11-02 17:42:27 UTC  

Please Eric

2017-11-02 17:42:38 UTC  

Let's put up one that says "yes it is" next weekend

2017-11-02 17:43:01 UTC  

This means war

2017-11-02 17:43:52 UTC  

It won't be for a while. You have to let them settle down to get the full effect.

2017-11-02 17:44:02 UTC  

Hahaa a back and forth banner battle!😂

2017-11-02 17:44:02 UTC  


2017-11-02 17:44:04 UTC  

Otherwise it becomes "normal"

2017-11-02 17:44:28 UTC  

Could make some stat filled posters and really heave those around.

2017-11-02 17:46:01 UTC  

To ourselves and our posterity means Whites Only

2017-11-02 18:04:33 UTC  

@NDO Eric - TX I'm thinking Alkek would look pretty good with few of these in the right places.

2017-11-02 18:12:32 UTC  

The windmill of friendship?

2017-11-02 18:26:36 UTC  

Are you suggesting we buy a bunch of Kriegsmarine Naval flags and put them around campus @Chris7577TX ? I still think I have the website URL saved where I found mine.

2017-11-02 18:27:27 UTC  

@NDO Eric - TX @Chris7577TX *No... don't do that.*

2017-11-02 18:27:33 UTC  

I want one tbh, just for my room

2017-11-02 18:27:48 UTC  

side-by-side with the american flag

2017-11-02 18:37:21 UTC  

Christ guys

2017-11-02 18:37:35 UTC  

Kriegsmarine flag is aesthetically trash

2017-11-02 18:38:27 UTC  

Get a real Blutfahne

2017-11-02 18:38:58 UTC  

Because it doesn't have George Constanza on it with 1% opacity?

2017-11-02 18:39:25 UTC  


2017-11-02 18:39:47 UTC  

If you have a real Blutfahne you'd have a historical artifact worth tens of thousands though

2017-11-02 18:40:07 UTC  

Only flags touched by Hitler to the original beer hall putsch flag carried the designation

2017-11-02 18:41:46 UTC  

Legend says the original is lost

2017-11-02 18:42:16 UTC  

Perhaps in Jason Alexander's estate

2017-11-02 18:50:28 UTC  


2017-11-02 18:51:53 UTC  

Note the black guys name was Zion

2017-11-02 18:51:57 UTC  

This is prophecy

2017-11-02 18:51:58 UTC  

I just met up with a Chicago Goy. He might be Patriot Front soon😁

2017-11-02 18:52:40 UTC  

Lol. The new divination. Nigger lynching.
If you want a prophecy, you must lynch a nigger.

2017-11-02 18:55:10 UTC  

Looks like at the end he made him bite the curb a bit

2017-11-02 19:09:01 UTC  
2017-11-02 19:15:46 UTC  

Halfdan is driving @Florida guys

2017-11-02 20:28:05 UTC  

Anyone @here got the links for the differences between race and IQ

2017-11-02 20:28:32 UTC  

Hell yeah I do. More so as images from websites and stats w/ graphs and such