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Conquering savages is hard work fam

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@ashrob NJ Lol... Good art though

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@Josh OH the two with the canoe are so realistic

2017-10-25 14:34:31 UTC

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Not too sure how I feel about it

2017-10-25 15:04:25 UTC  

I think it emphasizes work over Heritage and Brotherhood

2017-10-25 15:05:29 UTC  

Well yeah, but I mean the design in itself, visually

2017-10-25 15:05:57 UTC  

Hmm its okay

2017-10-25 15:05:58 UTC  

I love the phrase because it conveys a main point of ours, the balance between personal liberty and societal duty.

2017-10-25 15:06:15 UTC  

Which is what Fascism is all about.

2017-10-25 15:07:05 UTC  

To be honest maybe I'm just illiterate but the word "posterity" doesn't really have a huge effect on me

2017-10-25 15:07:58 UTC  

Replace it with progeny if it helps, Josh

2017-10-25 15:08:22 UTC  

Yeah I think maybe I'm just not educated lol

2017-10-25 15:08:53 UTC  

But yeah for ourselves and our descendants or kin makes sense

2017-10-25 15:27:30 UTC  

So the marines stopped by my house today what do?

2017-10-25 15:28:11 UTC  

If I tell em im a WN you think they’ll leave me alone?

2017-10-25 15:29:30 UTC  

Give em a roman and telll them god bless the white man 🇺🇸@Kevin

2017-10-25 15:30:02 UTC  

I didn’t even apply

2017-10-25 15:30:09 UTC  

I was like wtf

2017-10-25 15:32:10 UTC  

@Kevin Do what @SonderSchutz TX said, they'll make you an officer on the spot. No doubt.

2017-10-25 15:32:18 UTC  

Or the other thought I had was Join? Could it be beneficial to us some how?

2017-10-25 15:34:22 UTC  

I have a friend in intelligence some alleged he works for NORAD while he’s zipper tight I squeeze him for info sometimes when I’m bored

2017-10-25 15:34:26 UTC  

You forfeit all opinions when you're a member

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I’ll just show her the picture next time she drops by lol

2017-10-25 15:39:36 UTC  

"to ourselves and our prosperity" is a quote from the preamble of the american constitution. If you change the phrase at all it loses the connection to our founders

2017-10-25 15:40:20 UTC  

“Ever heard of @Thomas Ryan he’s my current commander “ jk lol

2017-10-25 15:40:26 UTC  

@Goodest_Boy *Posterity

2017-10-25 15:40:58 UTC  

I have fat thumbs

2017-10-25 15:41:01 UTC  

They must be desperate if there doing house calls though

2017-10-25 15:42:20 UTC  

I mean I’ve heard of the shortage apparently all the snowflakes are going to college now instead of the military.

2017-10-25 15:45:12 UTC  

So question for the military guys here. Hypothetically if things got tight financially would it make sense to apply to the National Guard?

2017-10-25 15:49:21 UTC  

NG is like the reserve officers I had a few friends back in the day join. It was like two weekends out of a month they’d fly or take a train to their home base. First few months your not allowed to leave base during your training. He was complaining about not being able to smoke cigarettes too.
Sign up bonuses depending on your level of education and commitment. However that’s about it lol because your pays garbage for the first few years lol

2017-10-25 15:52:21 UTC  

I was mostly wondering if it could work as a backup plan incase something happened with the future family.