Message from Tyler TX in Front And Center #general

2017-10-27 11:36:17 UTC  

morning all

2017-10-27 11:36:35 UTC  

Morning to every besides dune coons.

2017-10-27 11:36:56 UTC  

haha yes

2017-10-27 11:37:05 UTC  

I met several Afghans who though women were disgusting and that little boys were preferable.

2017-10-27 11:37:22 UTC  

bach bazi

2017-10-27 11:37:29 UTC  

or however its spelled

2017-10-27 11:37:29 UTC  


2017-10-27 11:37:38 UTC  

u a vet

2017-10-27 11:38:13 UTC  

Bacha Bazi. And yeah. Did some time for ZOG.

2017-10-27 11:38:18 UTC  

I was with 3-71 cav

2017-10-27 11:38:43 UTC  

Thats 10th mountain, right?

2017-10-27 11:38:46 UTC  


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2017-10-27 12:27:19 UTC  

i was wondering if we have any anti drug flyers i feel this would be very effective in my area

2017-10-27 12:30:23 UTC  

The concept of "sexy" is jewish

2017-10-27 12:31:51 UTC  

It makes the goyim slutty

2017-10-27 12:55:04 UTC  

anybody here like paddy Tarleton or folkish music in general

2017-10-27 12:55:28 UTC  

fuck yea

2017-10-27 12:56:34 UTC  

hell yeah same here u play any instruments

2017-10-27 13:04:49 UTC  

I play the guitar a bit. You?

2017-10-27 13:04:56 UTC  

banjo and drums

2017-10-27 13:08:23 UTC  

Love the one he did after charlotesville.

2017-10-27 13:10:07 UTC  

the ballad of Charlottesville? that's the newest i heard and yeah its awesome

2017-10-27 13:11:43 UTC  

It has that Dixie bitterness and rage in it. Makes it authentic

2017-10-27 13:16:39 UTC  

have u heard mr bond he usually does rap parodies but he has a song called good ol nationalist which is really good

2017-10-27 13:17:05 UTC  

No I haven't

2017-10-27 13:17:24 UTC  

whered you go and good ol nationalist is really good by him

2017-10-27 13:18:21 UTC  

im not big on rap lol but mr liqz is good the stromer even had a article on him and he was a guest on the shoah

2017-10-27 13:20:12 UTC  

is anyone else having issues with gab right now?

2017-10-27 13:21:19 UTC  

In the early 2000s my step bros and i used to listen to johnny rebel on repeat downloaded from audiogalaxy

2017-10-27 13:21:51 UTC  

love johnny rebel we use to sing his songs on the school bus loud as fuck haha

2017-10-27 13:22:35 UTC  

good ol boys right here

2017-10-27 13:23:44 UTC  

yes sir

2017-10-27 13:26:03 UTC  

so just saw the nigger that shot up the church had a note about Dylan roof and it being revenge in his car but hmmmm no major news stories

2017-10-27 13:26:36 UTC  


2017-10-27 13:28:31 UTC  

u not hear about that

2017-10-27 14:15:43 UTC  

I back the anti drug flyer idea hard @backwoodstrad91-wv

2017-10-27 14:16:53 UTC  

It’s definitely something more WNs should use as a talking point

2017-10-27 14:17:50 UTC  

i agree its so bad here in Appalachia

2017-10-27 14:27:45 UTC  

Yeah I hear it’s really bad there. It’s pretty bad here too. Hopefully now that trump finally declared a public health crisis it will be easier for guys to get off dope. But we gotta give them something else to use as an outlet.