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2017-10-05 17:58:22 UTC  

If we go over there well have to throw the babies down wells as the propaganda posters depict us doing.

2017-10-05 17:59:49 UTC

2017-10-05 18:01:10 UTC  

Idk if we can work out a deal with them to embroider our logo on that.

2017-10-05 18:03:04 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan daily dose of degeneracy?

2017-10-05 18:03:26 UTC  

Just blacks killing whites all over it seems

2017-10-05 18:04:25 UTC  

@here So you guys can start getting your gear lined up, I'll put out an informal gear list. You'll need a blue polo, khakis, boots, eyepro and a hat for starters. I recommend bringing an athletic cup, ear plugs, sap gloves and a mouthguard. We also highly advise buying a bump cap on amazon (, as helmets are a look we're trying to avoid.

2017-10-05 18:05:57 UTC  

Navy blue correct? @NDO Eric - TX

2017-10-05 18:06:02 UTC  

Try to get the blue polo as similar to our color as possible. If I find a cheap one online, I'll post it here.

2017-10-05 18:06:25 UTC  

I think it's darker than that @SonderSchutz TX

2017-10-05 18:07:46 UTC

2017-10-05 18:07:51 UTC  
2017-10-05 18:08:27 UTC

2017-10-05 18:08:36 UTC  

Brighter than that, but it works.

2017-10-05 18:08:43 UTC  

The blue on that flag is exactly the blue we use.

2017-10-05 18:08:51 UTC  

I'll keep looking.

2017-10-05 18:10:56 UTC  

13 bucks can't beat that.

2017-10-05 18:14:29 UTC  

That's teal

2017-10-05 18:14:40 UTC  

You select the blue option.

2017-10-05 18:14:51 UTC  

🤔 do you even shop online bro?

2017-10-05 18:15:05 UTC  

I've got a bunch of discount codes fo JCpenny's too, my dudes.

2017-10-05 18:15:13 UTC  

I judge links by their featured image

2017-10-05 18:16:51 UTC  

My favorite polo and the color is close

2017-10-05 18:17:03 UTC

2017-10-05 18:20:58 UTC  

Way too bright

2017-10-05 18:27:34 UTC  

Dark blue is more tactical.

2017-10-05 18:28:56 UTC

2017-10-05 18:29:45 UTC  

Darker blue for the sweatbeasts

2017-10-05 18:32:11 UTC

2017-10-05 18:32:20 UTC  

As close to the blue on this flag as possible

2017-10-05 18:32:25 UTC  

Those last two are way to bright

2017-10-05 18:32:30 UTC  

Better to be darker than brighter

2017-10-05 18:34:55 UTC  

Last two including the one I posted?

2017-10-05 18:35:10 UTC  

Let me check

2017-10-05 18:35:31 UTC  

That color is good but that material is awful.

2017-10-05 18:36:02 UTC  

How so? It's light and breathable

2017-10-05 18:36:23 UTC  


2017-10-05 18:36:35 UTC  

Closest match to the color I've seen though

2017-10-05 18:36:35 UTC  

We going for 100% cotton?