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2017-10-27 15:05:39 UTC  

that's great to hear brother

2017-10-27 15:09:27 UTC  

People always get tires of comparing our situation to 1920s Germany

2017-10-27 15:09:37 UTC  

But things are getting literal

2017-10-27 15:09:58 UTC  

PF Condor Legion 2 when

2017-10-27 15:16:18 UTC  

We have any pilots?

2017-10-27 15:16:37 UTC  

I have about a dozen flight hours

2017-10-27 15:16:54 UTC  

So I'm like 5% to a license

2017-10-27 15:16:59 UTC  

I'm sure I can handle it

2017-10-27 15:18:13 UTC  


2017-10-27 15:18:55 UTC  

Sorry boys Spain said they were chill with it

2017-10-27 15:25:40 UTC  

Never mind I'm fucking retarted

2017-10-27 15:25:44 UTC  

Let's go fight

2017-10-27 15:29:27 UTC  

Okay let's put this whole "momentum" thing in the US on hold to die in the Pyrenees.

2017-10-27 15:50:46 UTC  

The drug issue is a symptom of a larger issue. Attacking it head on like that won't deter people from drug use. It's like telling someone to stop thinking about pink elephants.

2017-10-27 15:52:50 UTC  

even if it doesn't help an addict at all it will show we are against it and gain us support from others against it which will bring people in which does lead to beating the biggest threat

2017-10-27 15:53:40 UTC  

at best it helps sober our people at worst its favorable optics its a win win

2017-10-27 15:58:06 UTC  

@backwoodstrad91-wv If we can get a solid chapter established in WV we can really concentrate on the opioid problem there. I may even be able to get up there to help down the road as my chick is from Buckhannon

2017-10-27 15:58:59 UTC  

oh wow that's close to me lol and yes im putting a lot of my free time into fly posting i really think we can make Appalachia a strong hold

2017-10-27 15:59:39 UTC  

Yea I can get up there and stay free with her sister.

2017-10-27 16:00:18 UTC  

Where are you located? @backwoodstrad91-wv

2017-10-27 16:00:46 UTC  

Is about 3:30-4:00 a good time to poster?

2017-10-27 16:00:53 UTC  

its prob an hour and a half from my place to Buckhannon

2017-10-27 16:01:03 UTC  

Yea that's a good time

2017-10-27 16:01:07 UTC  


2017-10-27 16:01:11 UTC  

No one around

2017-10-27 16:01:20 UTC  
2017-10-27 16:01:52 UTC  

Alright thanks planning on using light posts and large selfstanding atms as places also

2017-10-27 16:02:53 UTC  

People will always buy their drugs. Cocaine users know, that people die for it, and women are abused, and families destroyed, and they are funding it. No one cares though. If we want to stop the drug problem, we have to stop the suppliers, and foreign cartels. Put them out of business, via our own safe home market. Maybe a phase of legal drugs to stop crime, followed by a health propaganda campaign similar to cigarettes?

2017-10-27 16:02:58 UTC  

Really concentrate on postering and banners. Once you have 5-6 guys you can do a something that makes a splash. Then it will grow fast. @backwoodstrad91-wv

2017-10-27 16:03:40 UTC  

Because as long as drugs are not supplied by our government, they will be supplied by violent cartels. Just my opinion though.

2017-10-27 16:04:06 UTC  

I'm impartial to the Duterte method.

2017-10-27 16:04:14 UTC  


2017-10-27 16:04:23 UTC  

@Smiter-IL Agreed but until we hold power we reach as many of our people as possible plus it is positive activism and when we get inevitably criticized for it it makes our detractors look ridiculous

2017-10-27 16:05:42 UTC  

Decent thread

2017-10-27 16:05:43 UTC  

im extremely in favor of PF leadership putting out a anti drug flyer and hope to see one soon

2017-10-27 16:06:08 UTC  

I'll work on one, be patient.

2017-10-27 16:06:26 UTC  


2017-10-27 16:07:36 UTC  

I disagree with him in regards to the Stars and bars. It is part of American history and our culture.

2017-10-27 16:09:56 UTC  

I think appropriating figures like Lincoln is gold. Tell peole how he only freed blacks because he had too, and needed soldiers, and a way to disrupt Southern society, and that he was rascist.