Message from NDO Eric - TX in Front And Center #general

2017-10-03 04:23:37 UTC  

Well Done!

2017-10-03 04:27:37 UTC  

There's many more to come. We're going to lay the groundwork for you guys being able to form your own local networks which you can do things like that with soon.

2017-10-03 04:28:20 UTC  

with the acceleration happening right now - we're really going to need it...

2017-10-03 04:30:14 UTC  

Absolutely. All it takes is hard work and preparation, things we aren't unaccustomed to.

2017-10-03 05:08:49 UTC  

This is all just part and parcel to living in an artificial hologram existence

2017-10-03 05:09:44 UTC  

Sometimes, the program gets overloaded and it has to eliminate some useless files

2017-10-03 05:11:42 UTC

2017-10-03 05:12:11 UTC

2017-10-03 05:29:06 UTC

2017-10-03 05:29:47 UTC  

Work in progress

2017-10-03 12:00:45 UTC  

My beard is kill today.....

2017-10-03 12:24:56 UTC  

Apparently do not disturb is not a real discord feature

2017-10-03 12:25:07 UTC  


2017-10-03 12:28:52 UTC  

@Thötterdämmerung Phil and I work at the dick crack of dawn. No time is too early.

2017-10-03 12:29:01 UTC  

Or are you a ni🅱️🅱️a?

2017-10-03 12:29:42 UTC  

This real ni🅱:b:a sleeping houes

2017-10-03 12:29:45 UTC  


2017-10-03 12:30:33 UTC  

I have tomorrow off but I'll be sure to shoot you a message at six am.

2017-10-03 12:31:42 UTC  

Shoot me a message at six AM and hell, I'll shoot myself

2017-10-03 12:31:50 UTC  

A message or something

2017-10-03 12:32:17 UTC  

Deal. If you don't livestream your suicide, you're honestly a cuck.

2017-10-03 12:32:36 UTC  

What's the point of killing yourself if it isn't enjoyed by a captivated audience?

2017-10-03 13:07:36 UTC

2017-10-03 13:09:31 UTC  

Fuck my normie FB feed is out of control. So hard to not expose power levels...

2017-10-03 13:26:06 UTC  

@everyone Mike Enoch gave us a good drop in TDS yesterday. Hail victory

2017-10-03 13:32:12 UTC  

ya that was awesome

2017-10-03 13:34:31 UTC  

Fucking AK-74s are breaking 1500 on average now

2017-10-03 13:47:43 UTC  

You want a 74?

2017-10-03 13:48:27 UTC  

I've never been into the 5.45 round but I used to have a arsenal SLR-106FR in 5.56

2017-10-03 13:48:29 UTC  

They've been impossible to find in the local market for years, and I don't usually buy a gun without seeing it first, but I might give up on that standard soon

2017-10-03 13:48:59 UTC  

The SLR series looks pretty decent

2017-10-03 13:49:08 UTC  

Not enough B A K E L I T E

2017-10-03 13:49:15 UTC  

My offer of free use of tools stands if you get a parts kit and receiver

2017-10-03 13:49:34 UTC  

I may take you up on that

2017-10-03 13:50:27 UTC  

We could prob press your barrel out, rivet everything back together, and press it back in within a couple of hoursu

2017-10-03 13:50:54 UTC  

Just make sure to get something with a headspaced and populated barrel

2017-10-03 15:14:05 UTC

2017-10-03 15:14:10 UTC  

And he has begun the journey.

2017-10-03 15:47:04 UTC  

An AR?

2017-10-03 15:47:06 UTC