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2017-10-16 21:04:23 UTC  

Lol no cop cars just planters and poles

2017-10-16 21:07:33 UTC  

It'll happen from time to time, weve been IDd just for showing up places or having a certain flag before. When I did USF their security followed us for the last 20 minutes before we finished and left.

2017-10-16 21:07:52 UTC  

Also welcome

2017-10-16 21:10:13 UTC  

What’s the current relationship between vanguard and PF ?

2017-10-16 21:16:23 UTC  

We have none. No connection, no public stance, no real attention. The focus of our members is dedicated to activism, and the set of goals they have in front of them for local networking. @Teddybroski

2017-10-16 21:30:50 UTC  

Welcome neighbor! @Teddybroski

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2017-10-17 00:54:34 UTC  

[REDACTED] will be in Charlottesville tomorrow along with [REDACTED]!

2017-10-17 01:07:22 UTC  

That could be fun

2017-10-17 01:10:51 UTC  


2017-10-17 01:11:00 UTC  

They're after me.

2017-10-17 02:14:50 UTC  

Gainesville is gonna be insanesville

2017-10-17 02:15:44 UTC  

I'm excited for it

2017-10-17 02:16:23 UTC  

I just saw they declared a state of emergency

2017-10-17 02:17:42 UTC  

wait wait for real??

2017-10-17 02:18:36 UTC  

Just makes it all more worth watching.

2017-10-17 02:20:33 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan we need a presence....

2017-10-17 02:23:05 UTC  

@Norman Thomas, me, Z, Cross, Chef, Lucilomer, Kevin and Nagash are all going most in a security capacity

2017-10-17 02:23:59 UTC  

Pretty much Richard Spencer is the equivalent of a hurricane to Florida.

2017-10-17 02:24:05 UTC  


2017-10-17 02:24:42 UTC  

Correct. Hurricane Ricardo. I'm sure someone has that meme

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2017-10-17 02:25:18 UTC  

I'll be going to the University of Cincinnati when he speaks there. And hopefully he wins at OSU as well.

2017-10-17 02:25:58 UTC  

@502ssOtto that has to be a joke right? Someone couldn't be that stoopid to put their first and last name on a public petition?

2017-10-17 02:26:33 UTC  

Their commies @Kevin so yea they're that stupid

2017-10-17 02:26:51 UTC  

Haha that's to much

2017-10-17 02:27:00 UTC  

Ill be there as a general attendee

2017-10-17 02:27:13 UTC  

They have no opsec because they don't think their are repercussions

2017-10-17 02:28:49 UTC  

Jeez you think they would have learned from the arrests in cville.

2017-10-17 02:29:08 UTC

2017-10-17 02:29:15 UTC  

First name on the list seems legit.

2017-10-17 03:38:41 UTC “Around 100 supervised consumption spaces currently operate in Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands, and multiple studies show that these sites save lives and can help to connect people struggling with substance abuse to the services they need,” said (((Michael Ninburg)))

2017-10-17 03:39:24 UTC  

It was a fucking public initiative. So much for "muh" democracy

2017-10-17 03:39:39 UTC  

errr wait

2017-10-17 03:39:42 UTC  

no based judge

2017-10-17 03:39:49 UTC  

lol, I jumped to conclusions

2017-10-17 03:40:10 UTC  

wait no I was right the first time!

2017-10-17 03:41:09 UTC  

yeah how dare citizens not want junkies floking to thier town