Message from SonderSchutz TX in Front And Center #general

2017-09-29 11:48:35 UTC  

That name rings a bell [REDACTED] do you have a bio file on him? Anything on [REDACTED]? My dead Facebooks have turned up little or no leads.

2017-09-29 11:50:11 UTC  

I've already profiled what kind of people join the antifa and that's what creeps me out the most.

2017-09-29 11:53:08 UTC  

I've got a pretty good understanding of their mind sets also. It all may seem like useless knowledge to some but from a strategy and planning standpoint it's valuable

2017-09-29 11:57:06 UTC  

Anyway good job on regrouping everyone

2017-09-29 12:43:27 UTC  

@everyone Make sure to DM any other members you knew, send friend requests, get them in here.

2017-09-29 12:53:57 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan can we get a Velcro patch design put on your list of things to do? I have a lot of Velcro items I can put patches on

2017-09-29 12:54:21 UTC  

It's on the list

2017-09-29 12:54:57 UTC  

Awesome I got plenty of stuff to put them on id wear it everywhere lol

2017-09-29 13:12:48 UTC  

Remember Houston goys, training and sparring tomorrow morning at 11am. DM me for details.

2017-09-29 13:23:23 UTC  

2017-09-29 13:32:48 UTC  

2017-09-29 13:33:07 UTC  

So what the fuck happened

2017-09-29 13:33:39 UTC  

Semitic treachery

2017-09-29 13:33:46 UTC  

So what the fuck happened

2017-09-29 13:34:20 UTC  

Someone report us? Or was it because of Sunday?

2017-09-29 13:38:12 UTC  

I think it was a big swath that discord gassed. Didn't they get npi, etc?

2017-09-29 13:40:12 UTC  

Yea who all got hit?

2017-09-29 13:45:18 UTC  

Anticom, npi, various others.

2017-09-29 13:49:13 UTC

2017-09-29 13:49:20 UTC  

Fucking women

2017-09-29 13:49:52 UTC  

Dont be a beta to any fucking thot that comes to the "alt-right"

2017-09-29 14:02:11 UTC  

We have no betas in PF, if we do they'll be discovered and woodchippered

2017-09-29 14:03:02 UTC

2017-09-29 14:03:40 UTC  

I've seen her before.

2017-09-29 14:04:41 UTC  

Respecting or trusting modern women on the internet... Yeah don't do that

2017-09-29 14:05:59 UTC  

She's pretending to have infiltrated the "alt right" when in fact, as I understand the situation, she was all in but started sending nude pics to guys and was shunned and shamed by the community and then she started doxing anyone she could.

2017-09-29 14:07:41 UTC  

Leak dem tiddies

2017-09-29 14:07:52 UTC  


2017-09-29 14:09:13 UTC  

I only have that link because it was sent out in a group chat on twatter.

2017-09-29 14:09:14 UTC  

That's her

2017-09-29 14:09:23 UTC  

I'm pure as the driven snow.

2017-09-29 14:09:30 UTC  

@SonderSchutz TX your pics ain't loading nigga

2017-09-29 14:11:19 UTC  

A lot of people will infiltrate by many means, and yea that's a guys weakness so watch out lol

2017-09-29 14:12:16 UTC  

My whole email got gassed lol

2017-09-29 14:14:31 UTC  

"Your account has been disabled " is the message I got.

2017-09-29 14:17:47 UTC  

@502ssOtto nice a warning shot would have been appreciated lmao