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Are these good optics?

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Yes these are my new glasses

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@Thomas Ryan YEAH, why HAVEN'T the campus admin RUINED these NEO-NAZI's life because of their expressed beliefs and non-violent actions on campus.

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Total Kek story

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This guy's thread makes a decent point. The Alt Right has no real core foundation, and most of the basis of the Identitarian messaging of IE/NPI (the real core of the AR, controlling what the definition of the term is), is very unclear at times. Not to say they don't have goals, but there's a whole host of questions that need to be answered that they haven't been asked, or haven't asked themselves. The slogans of "become who we are" (I always thought this was a subtle reference to Nietzsche, but even so they dont follow it up), and the other things they throw around are kind of wafer-thin, and leave people in the movement wanting.

It's another example of taking a group of people who have been ripped from their history and heritage and culture, which is all based in America primarily, and replacing it with a political ideology and a community that makes no specific ties to the nation that it owes its membership.

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The whole deal of "White Identity" is great and all, but the thing is that Europeans don't call themselves White. Only Americans really do that, and that's because of how our history has been slandered and distorted by (((rootless cosmopolitans))). Your loyalty is first to your nation, and then to your race. Identitarians end up playing a game sometimes where they're pragmatic and reaching out to all Whites, whereas Europeans are relying on their own nations. That kind of broad approach only works if it's reciperocated.

Pan-Europeanism is good and healthy, but only in the sense where its used to define the American Identity and dictate what an American is with historical and philosophical context. An American is PanEuro, a Euro is not.

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The problem is that we are facing all of the hordes, and would do better to face them togeher, but Europeans themselves are still in the idea that a pollack and an anglo are two stotally seperate things.

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So, we could then say pan Europeanism only exists in America.

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White American culture is quite distinct from European white culture, yet we are still, of the same root.
Two branches, of the same tree.

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United we stand, divided we fall. But I have hope our brothers aross the pond can come too if we show them the way

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Yes, id hate to see them cuck, and get utterly raped by the 3rd world to the point where we have to go and annex Europe to ethnically cleanse it lol.

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we may have to do that in the far future. The same thing we did to Spain

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Sure, I can speak with groups in Europe and want them to succeed, but practically, there's not going to be some united White Identity Paramilitary going from country to country turning it around. We can learn from each other tactically, but this fight is ours, and we're the only ones that can win it because it's ours to win.

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And we're way worse off than Europe is, by far.

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We'll see

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Another really good thread. Has a lot of stats and projections about the best-course scenario to take within the current frame of the fed govt. Only factors in race, leaves out a whole lot else, but interesting to see how the projections pan out decades down the road.

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Niggers be triggered

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Makes my next banner idea that much easier 🤔

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Slap a kek frog on that

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Please Eric

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Let's put up one that says "yes it is" next weekend

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This means war

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It won't be for a while. You have to let them settle down to get the full effect.

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Hahaa a back and forth banner battle!😂

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Otherwise it becomes "normal"

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Could make some stat filled posters and really heave those around.

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To ourselves and our posterity means Whites Only

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@NDO Eric - TX I'm thinking Alkek would look pretty good with few of these in the right places.

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The windmill of friendship?

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Are you suggesting we buy a bunch of Kriegsmarine Naval flags and put them around campus @Chris7577TX ? I still think I have the website URL saved where I found mine.

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@NDO Eric - TX @Chris7577TX *No... don't do that.*

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I want one tbh, just for my room

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side-by-side with the american flag