Message from Kevin in Front And Center #general

2017-10-26 00:41:31 UTC  

Ill be heading to bed soon be back on tomorrow glad to be among you all Hail Victory

2017-10-26 00:45:00 UTC  

Good to see another brother!

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2017-10-26 00:45:44 UTC  

Welcome aboard. Glad to have ya

2017-10-26 00:50:12 UTC  

Welcome Aboard

2017-10-26 00:50:42 UTC  

Good to see us expanding! Fash up those coal mines brother!

2017-10-26 01:07:12 UTC  
2017-10-26 01:33:39 UTC  

Welcome Bro

2017-10-26 01:42:32 UTC  

Hot shit Thomas! Like the new material!

2017-10-26 01:43:02 UTC  
2017-10-26 01:59:47 UTC  

Bet its a negroid

2017-10-26 01:59:55 UTC  

That university will need some posters.

2017-10-26 02:00:20 UTC  

Of course it is. They only have a *nickname*

2017-10-26 02:02:47 UTC  

Lol, stupid niggers can never be tamed. Even after 250 years of slavery, and 150 years of living free in a great white society.

2017-10-26 02:03:35 UTC  

You can take the nigger out of the ghetto, but you cant take the ghetto out of nigger.

2017-10-26 02:05:07 UTC  

*lil gib me muh gibs*

2017-10-26 02:14:17 UTC

2017-10-26 02:14:23 UTC

2017-10-26 02:14:46 UTC  

Siri isn’t a white nationalist

2017-10-26 02:16:02 UTC

2017-10-26 02:22:09 UTC  

Dude if AI can make jew jokes most alt rights podcasters would get job cucked

2017-10-26 02:23:07 UTC  

Lmao I just wanted to see if it would actually do it

2017-10-26 02:25:11 UTC  

Dose the term goyim include computers?

2017-10-26 02:27:26 UTC  

Do you know high school musical.
The holocaust was a hoax.
That's... True, but not very funny.

2017-10-26 02:27:30 UTC

2017-10-26 02:27:33 UTC  


2017-10-26 02:27:35 UTC  

Thats what clever bot just told me

2017-10-26 02:29:24 UTC  

Apparently it won’t tell me a Jew joke but a goym one , don’t know what it’s definition of goym is lol but the joke wasn’t very good

2017-10-26 02:34:11 UTC  

Ask for a joke about white people and one about black people

2017-10-26 02:35:06 UTC  

Eh damn I was hoping for better

2017-10-26 02:35:09 UTC

2017-10-26 02:35:16 UTC

2017-10-26 02:36:00 UTC  

Maybe I’ll find a way to make it say something bad about whites and we can use it as Jews being racist

2017-10-26 02:36:29 UTC  

Lol clever bot said it didnt want to speak of the jews out of fear.

2017-10-26 02:37:38 UTC  

When I went to Africa once, I stopped at a small village with a witch doctor. He invited me into his hut to view his brain collection.

European brains = $1.00 per pound
Asian brains = $2.00 per pound
African brains = $100.00 per pound

I asked him why African brains were so much more money, and he replied; Do you know how many Africans I have to kill to get a pound of brains?

2017-10-26 02:37:59 UTC  


2017-10-26 02:38:10 UTC  

Lmao that was a good one

2017-10-26 02:38:57 UTC  

Isn’t it a fact though they do have a smaller brain?

2017-10-26 02:39:20 UTC

2017-10-26 02:40:32 UTC  

Racist science those two don’t mix lmao, if it’s a fact it’s a fact weather they like it or not blame racism if you don’t like facts!