Message from Kevin in Front And Center #general

2017-09-30 12:53:33 UTC  

I love violence training day 😆

2017-09-30 14:37:39 UTC  

Antifa medical training:

2017-09-30 15:40:23 UTC

2017-09-30 15:48:20 UTC  

They look better equipped than the police do.

2017-09-30 15:55:27 UTC  

Proud boys lol

2017-09-30 16:03:05 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan I've been found out

2017-09-30 16:08:39 UTC  

"The Usurpation of Louis XVI" sounds about right

2017-09-30 16:30:38 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan Cool graphic, but IMO the Texas date should reflect Texas independence.

2017-09-30 17:04:57 UTC  

Yeah, I dunno. I'll keep it consistent with annexation into the US, it doesn't make a huge difference and the message of the visual is the same either way.

2017-09-30 17:14:34 UTC  

Any DFW guys available tomorrow? Got a fun project.
@Ben - TX @Ductapegang @Texan_Barbaryan @EuroChad @SonderSchutz TX @Eric TX

2017-09-30 17:15:28 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan whats going on?

2017-09-30 17:15:43 UTC  

Im free tmro and my parents are out of town

2017-09-30 17:15:48 UTC  

DM me for info

2017-09-30 17:34:04 UTC

2017-09-30 17:34:10 UTC  

I fucking forgot this was today

2017-09-30 17:34:27 UTC  

Avoid downtown Austin today goys, aids might go airbourne

2017-09-30 19:22:10 UTC  

Roflmao is it a pride thing

2017-09-30 19:23:41 UTC  

What gets me is they have gay pride,black pride, but we try and have a peaceful white pride parade and we're boned.

2017-09-30 19:24:39 UTC  

Black pride parades are essentially just looting and burning your own city down every time a criminal gets shot.

2017-09-30 19:26:44 UTC  

Fresh new white baby in my family to serve in the race war

2017-09-30 20:05:59 UTC  

So let's say some guys were to hang a banner on an overpass heading into cowboy's staduim right before a game. What would the banner say, hypothetically? @here

2017-09-30 20:07:21 UTC  

We have the right to exist.

2017-09-30 20:09:38 UTC  
2017-09-30 20:10:08 UTC  

Jerry Jones is a faggot

2017-09-30 20:10:14 UTC  
2017-09-30 20:10:22 UTC  

no .com

2017-09-30 20:10:26 UTC  

it'll be funnier

2017-09-30 20:10:28 UTC  


2017-09-30 20:10:33 UTC  

I think the best part of us getting the website

2017-09-30 20:10:39 UTC  

is Vanguard can't fit .blogspot on a banner

2017-09-30 20:11:19 UTC  

Vanguard doesn't do activism.

2017-09-30 20:11:38 UTC  


2017-09-30 20:12:02 UTC  

>autoplay video

Get the fuck out

2017-09-30 20:12:06 UTC  

Thats so annoying.

2017-09-30 20:56:30 UTC  

I'm thinking

Then our name/site

2017-09-30 21:25:58 UTC  

1 idea: "White people stand together"

2017-09-30 21:26:36 UTC  

"kill niggers and read siege"

2017-09-30 21:31:10 UTC  

Idea: America is a White Nation