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@everyone Once again I need 3 more Houston goys for next Sunday's Op. I have the manpower but I want to use our manpower solely if possible. This is a quick op that will be very impactful.

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@Dustin Welcome Bro!

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@Dustin Welcome Aboard

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The kids in highschool? 80% of them were autists.

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And cucked beyond belief

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Lol JROTC heroes

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Happy Colombus Day gentlemen

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Happy Plumbus day, HAHAHA get it rick and morty SZECHUAN SAUCE

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TKR on normie web

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Heimbach calls Americanism a "cargo cult" and the other folks on the podcast seem to deny the concept that people of different European ethnicities can live under the same government. To be honest, I cannot visually tell an Irishman from a Brit, or a Scot, or a German. And they state that someone in New England is incompatible entirely from someone in the Midwest, that they have nothing in common, exept a shared history of pioneers, settlers, colonists, revolutionaries, a shared language, social outlook, religion, and family structure. This being traditionally, of course.

This is not a cargo cult, we are not imitating these people as if we are crawling inside a cadaver and puppeting it, as one of them states. My ancestors WERE settlers, revolutionaries, pioneers, and colonists. My ancestors formed the foundation of the American Identity. It is an identity that still exists even if the last two generations have been stripped of it by a foreign government.

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At the same time, we DO NOT support America as a current governmental system, we do not see the use in propping up the STATE, but the nation. We are not like the Goths trying to play dress-up as Roman Consuls after they conquered the city. We seek a new government for the same nation, people with the same identity. This is also not to say that we cannot mold these people of this nation into something greater. Which we, by all means, plan to do absolutely.

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Heimbach is a good guy, but it seems strange coming from someone that converted to an essentially ethnic church that's not his own. Does he want an Amero-Grecian or Russo-American ethnostate?

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My ancestors started their journey in America in the Northeast, in New England. They were the original colonists, and later on my ancestors spread to the Deep South, where they had that identity, and to the Cajun culture in Louisiana, and now onto Texas. You could say myself, and many like me, are even "mutts" when it comes to regional identities within the American nation. But simply because, using Europe as an example, one Englishman says his R's in a slightly different way than another, they need an entirely different state to govern them.

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Also, they say that, because America is so vast, naturally people cannot be unified, which I think doesn't factor in the level of technology that has allowed folks to move around within the nation more easily, and also the population density being much different than Europe.

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That same ability to move has destroyed our communities and made us rootless too though.

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I was talking more about railroads enabling settling of the West, rather than the rise of the suburbs and urban planning mapped around cars rather than people, and urban sprawl decimating communities.

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Whenever I talk about America, I'm almost always leaving out modernity unless explicitly mentioned. There's nothing about it I support.

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That being a shift that took place somewhere between the start of WWII and the end of the civil rights movement. There's two Americas on either side of that shift, or more appropriately, there's a nation state on one side, and a nation ruled by a foreign state on the other.

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There are so many traitors.

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I blame pornography. Unironically. When I quit half the trending shit on porn sites was literally interracial cuckholdry. So many men take part in this vice.

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White men, at least the traitors, literally get off to being degraded.

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Sadly I think a few of them initially turn to porn (among other things) for escapism of racial hatred they face in their everyday life and are led down the path of degradation.

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I know there's no way to enforce it, but if you're in this org, stop watching porn. It's a bitch of a habit to break, but do so.

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Don't choose pixels over wives.

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***N O G U I L T***
***J U S T V I C T O R Y***

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@Thötterdämmerung Tweet the map image out. I replied with it to a spectre tweet this morning and he used it and it is taking off.

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@everyone RT and amplify please

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hey goys i couldnt listen in to yesterdays voice chat.

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hello and welcome @Dustin

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My excuse