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2017-10-07 02:10:03 UTC  

The 14 words are established, but I do agree

2017-10-07 02:10:31 UTC  

I'd say maybe 1/5 Americans have heard the 14 words, and that's only a recent thing

2017-10-07 02:10:48 UTC  

1/5 is greater than 1/10.

2017-10-07 02:10:56 UTC  

And 1/10 can start a mass movement.

2017-10-07 02:11:01 UTC  

We were far less than 1/10 6 months ago

2017-10-07 02:11:08 UTC  

But I also see your point

2017-10-07 02:11:14 UTC  

By putting the 14 words, as a concept, on the flag that represents the American Identity, you are kind of lifting David Lane up above George Washington, or any other founding figure this nation has known.

2017-10-07 02:11:39 UTC  

That's a better argument.

2017-10-07 02:11:39 UTC  

Your flags are all g2g, Thomas. Y'all jokers have a good night. I gotta get some sleep.

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goodnight friend

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So you're leaning on top left Thomas?

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It'd fall over if I leaned any harder.

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You know when you open up a new tab because you had an idea of something to do... but once you open it you forget what that idea was?

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i like it too. i guess my "issue" with the different designs is that the ones i listed as the ones i liked is that they fit different roles. Some look good with flags, some look good for stickers/posters, some look good for patches. it kinda hard to decide. although if we are modeling after the american flag, id say the middle middle one then

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New Rule: If you aren't going to Austin you can't shitpost

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Am I the only one that thinks Texas' flag is a minimalistic version of the American flag? One of each component.

2017-10-07 02:21:10 UTC  

It was intended as such

2017-10-07 02:21:21 UTC  

Statehood was unfortunately immediately in the minds of Texas' founding fathers

2017-10-07 02:21:37 UTC  

Except Mirabeau "The based" Lamar

2017-10-07 02:21:45 UTC  

Who said fuck the united states let's conquer california

2017-10-07 02:21:59 UTC  

This was difficult to do with a population of 30,000 though.

2017-10-07 02:33:17 UTC  

Texans shoulda pushed Latinos all the way south and into the Drake Passage.

2017-10-07 02:34:04 UTC  

6,000,000 vs 30,000

2017-10-07 02:34:10 UTC  

The Mexicans would barely stand a chance

2017-10-07 02:34:36 UTC  

30,000 europeans

2017-10-07 02:34:43 UTC  

Not at all. It'd be another shoah.

2017-10-07 02:34:56 UTC  

Er... the original shoah.

2017-10-07 02:35:03 UTC  

Ayy carumba it's another shoah maine

2017-10-07 06:30:22 UTC  

Im in the hospital

2017-10-07 07:01:37 UTC  

Why what happened?

2017-10-07 12:02:15 UTC

Woah... Share everywhere! The false flag alert is going off big time!

2017-10-07 14:05:18 UTC  

I promise you'll watch this multiple times