Message from Josh OH in Front And Center #general

2017-10-23 04:23:55 UTC  

Dude see it the splc or the adl has local offiices

2017-10-23 04:24:04 UTC  

Democrat offices

2017-10-23 04:24:05 UTC  


2017-10-23 04:24:09 UTC  

yea precisely

2017-10-23 04:24:22 UTC  

Might need a few more goys to make that easy.

2017-10-23 04:28:27 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan Give me 3. With 10 we could take over the city 😉

2017-10-23 05:28:41 UTC  

Patriots Front Hatreon anyone?

2017-10-23 05:29:54 UTC  

I donate to Anglin, Weev and Hyde already. I don't think it's a bad idea at all.

2017-10-23 05:30:58 UTC  

Who's the treasurer going to be?

2017-10-23 05:35:39 UTC  


2017-10-23 05:36:02 UTC  

You hiring for Treasurer Thomas?

2017-10-23 07:14:37 UTC  

I've actually been a CFO before for a private business I ran

2017-10-23 07:14:46 UTC  

To be fair it did go under

2017-10-23 07:14:55 UTC  

But only after I left to do other things

2017-10-23 07:16:40 UTC  

But really there should be multiple people taking care of finances

2017-10-23 07:16:56 UTC  

That way they could all keep check on one another

2017-10-23 07:24:07 UTC  


2017-10-23 10:06:41 UTC  

Just started using Hatreon too. Donating to Kyle Bristow and Nicholas Fuentes.

2017-10-23 10:07:21 UTC  

They take like 10% or less for fees. Hard to beat tbh.

2017-10-23 10:57:42 UTC  


2017-10-23 12:32:21 UTC

2017-10-23 12:32:29 UTC  

Normie friend of mine sent me this.

2017-10-23 12:49:01 UTC  

Eventually theyll spring for round the clock security just to keep away flyers

2017-10-23 14:01:49 UTC  

@NDO Eric - TX Take some artsy photos of that paper for social media please

2017-10-23 14:01:59 UTC  

The full article featured there and the top part if you can

2017-10-23 14:09:43 UTC  

@Pale Horse - FL @Steven MI @Josh OH @Thötterdämmerung
I will probably make a Hatreon soon so I can afford to eat while being a professional racist, or get on my way to doing so.

As far as finances, we've got that planned out, but at this stage we can't really "hire" anyone and don't have the cashflow to necessitate a team.

2017-10-23 14:31:05 UTC  

Where can I get my hands on that practical activism guide? and instead of hitting a college is a public area acceptable for postering?

2017-10-23 14:32:12 UTC  

In general a activist guide? I actually thought Thomas was coming up with one.

2017-10-23 14:32:29 UTC  

Public areas are acceptable, but colleges get us more traction. If there isn't one nearby, bus stops, downtown areas, telephone poles, transformer boxes anywhere aren't a terrible idea.

I will send updated activism guide soon, updating it this mornin'.

2017-10-23 14:33:23 UTC  

Send me one too, I’m getting back into the swing of things I start my PT today so I’m hoping I’ll feel better.

2017-10-23 14:34:16 UTC  

Okay I am just rather nervious being alone for it I dont want to go into a "more diverse" part of town and get jumped by some ferral negros.

2017-10-23 14:35:14 UTC  

Only upside is I’m usually dead asleep by 6 pm.
Just keep your eyes open lol what are you using for transportation?

2017-10-23 14:35:40 UTC  

I was planning on driving

2017-10-23 14:37:17 UTC  

Idk if you don’t have anyone else I’d recon the area during the day. Come back at night, quickly hit everything you want to hit and be gone before anyone takes notice. Don’t get to far from the car lol

2017-10-23 14:38:11 UTC  

Alright so is parking a good distance away a bad idea to avoid/know if anyone is following me?

2017-10-23 14:40:07 UTC  

I’d doubt anyone would follow you to be honest they probably wouldn’t even notice until morning? Though you know the area better. If your concern is getting jumped I’d stay close to your escape pod lol. What your doing isn’t illegal or anything so there’s no concern there.

2017-10-23 14:41:31 UTC  

Okay I should be able to pull that off is the best way to afix them with tape?

2017-10-23 14:42:34 UTC  

Yea tape, no glue or anything I think that can get you into trouble.

2017-10-23 14:43:36 UTC  

Okay scotch or duct tape?