Message from Thomas Ryan in Front And Center #general

2017-11-09 23:52:11 UTC  

Yeah maybe that...

2017-11-09 23:52:24 UTC  

Lying Jewish Media 😉

2017-11-09 23:52:25 UTC  

The last two are solid though

2017-11-09 23:52:36 UTC  

I'll rework the first one, any reccommendations?

2017-11-09 23:53:17 UTC  

Its a little harder hitting with "Jewish Media. "

2017-11-09 23:53:38 UTC  

I think those are really solid other than that though

2017-11-09 23:53:56 UTC  

It'd also be harder hitting if we said "GAS THE KIKES BLOW NIGGER BRAINS OUT", but we aren't going to put that on there.

2017-11-09 23:54:06 UTC  


2017-11-09 23:54:49 UTC  

So, its best that we stay secretly anti-jewish then?

2017-11-09 23:54:53 UTC  

Give me some ideas for a third sticker idea and I'll see if any spark. @here

2017-11-09 23:55:03 UTC  

We openly mention the jews in several places.

2017-11-09 23:55:43 UTC  

True, never mind.

2017-11-09 23:55:49 UTC  

And on several posters, and online posts on various platforms including the manifesto itself.

2017-11-09 23:56:20 UTC  

I just don't think it adds anything to that sticker itself.

2017-11-09 23:56:31 UTC  

That guy from r/the_Donald who made that huge image of portraits from Jews in the meida has kind of normalized the fact that they dominate the news.

2017-11-09 23:57:47 UTC  

Lying media is normie knowledge. Calling out the Jew is what makes it special.

2017-11-09 23:58:08 UTC  

I leave it to your better judgement.

2017-11-09 23:59:37 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan great rundown of that video. What we need to realize about the whole optics debate is that all optics on the spectrum are necessary to guide our people to the truth. Some people need more extreme and some less. No single "optic" is superior as long as they are all available. In this sense, the fractured nature of our movement is one of our greatest weapons.

2017-11-10 00:00:05 UTC  

@Dustin The third design can be specifically about Jews, what ideas do you have for that?

2017-11-10 00:00:47 UTC  

Maybe "End Jewish Supremacy"

2017-11-10 00:00:55 UTC  

Remember these are 2 X 4 inches, so it has to be short.

2017-11-10 00:02:07 UTC  

That doesn't speak to me. Something a bit American, maybe.

2017-11-10 00:02:18 UTC  

Hmm. i'll keep thinking

2017-11-10 00:02:37 UTC  

I was wanting to use the "our existence is non-negotiable" slogan with something.

2017-11-10 00:04:51 UTC  

Yeah, or "Reclaim your existence"

2017-11-10 00:05:15 UTC  

Reclaim your future.. I don't know of some other group has ownership to that

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2017-11-10 00:14:32 UTC  

Hahahah cute

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2017-11-10 00:33:00 UTC  

How is Cantwell doing so far? Do we know?

2017-11-10 00:33:17 UTC  

Down to that 1 charge. I want to know if his hearing picks up tomorrow.

2017-11-10 00:34:46 UTC  


2017-11-10 00:49:20 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan some sort of celebrating white culture would be good, imo.

2017-11-10 00:49:46 UTC  

You mean American culture

2017-11-10 00:50:33 UTC  

Also sitckers aren't really celebratory material. How do you mean?

2017-11-10 00:50:39 UTC  

Christams is celebrated in multiple white nations, not just America

2017-11-10 00:51:44 UTC  

The main reason I push this is because of how much it triggers Jews.