Message from Thomas Ryan in Front And Center #general

2017-11-01 16:48:38 UTC  

The Holodomor isn't an American thing, good for mentioning in an article or an argument, but not for your big singular message.

Would be better to mention how the guilt culture affects foreign policy, or immigration laws, or how the holocaust has become an industry unlike any other genocide.

2017-11-01 16:49:40 UTC  

Its just an example. Whatever it is needs to be a simple message that will make the goyim think and look for answers

2017-11-01 16:51:30 UTC  

Point out how it's become an industry, that there are more memorials to non-American non-European Jews that died (supposedly, but ignore that) than our own American soldiers who died fighting. Or how they're "profiteering off white guilt" or it's the exploitation of history for political means.

2017-11-01 16:52:27 UTC  

Lots of good appeals without going back to WWII. That's really not a mess of revisionism and conflicting facts we want to get into. It's a mud pit that is hard to get out of. We're looking forward, if we want to talk history there's reenactment clubs.

2017-11-01 17:03:56 UTC  

We’re all used to shrieking colored people and Jews reducing all political discussion to the level of a kindergarten special ed class, whether on social media, on the grounds of our educational institutions, and as talking heads on the cable news, so it should come as no surprise that this level of moronic faggotry has metastasized into an actual political ad produced by a beaner political action committee.

2017-11-01 17:04:15 UTC  


2017-11-01 17:04:54 UTC  

Evil racist redneck white man with big diesel pickup truck hunting down innocent minority children in the streets AND IT'S ALL TRUMP'S FAULT.

2017-11-01 17:08:32 UTC  

Lol I love how they throw little "hijabi girls" in the mix now. There's like a freaking fetish for poor little "hijabi girls." They are really islams best agents

2017-11-01 17:21:12 UTC  

I gave a presentation to class today on my ethnic identity lol... I was the only white person who acknowleged my ethnicity as a positive thing, and how family values form national values, and national values come from the common struggle of your ethnic group.
There was a question my teacher wanted us to answer. "How do others see you?"
I put up a picture of Antifa with a banner that said "the only good fascist is a dead fascist."
I told the class that i think the degeneration of ethnic value has led to the sacred act of procreation becoming defiled.
My teacher knows im a fascist now lol...

2017-11-01 17:21:29 UTC  

Needless to say, people were triggered.

2017-11-01 17:22:59 UTC  

I wish I could have seen it

2017-11-01 17:24:55 UTC  

Lol. There is atleast four faggots in there too.

2017-11-01 17:25:58 UTC  

@Smiter-IL way to go man.

2017-11-01 17:26:03 UTC  

My teacher, "I notice you use the word degenerate often in your writing, can youtell me a little about that, I know that word is used often in Nazi literature."
Me lmao.

2017-11-01 17:27:14 UTC  

Everything is Nazi
Everything is Nazi according to me
Everything is Nazi
In 2017

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2017-11-01 17:37:36 UTC  

Shes gonna be really triggered when she finds out i started college republicans too. First meeting is next wednesday.

2017-11-01 17:38:34 UTC  

Im going to send out a notice today, and hang some memey fliers up in hopes of drawing in the "Fashinable."

2017-11-01 17:47:08 UTC  

Holy shit you're going to break minds

2017-11-01 17:54:05 UTC  

Can they ban the club for wrongthink? Or will local communists dox you and make sure no one shows up to any meetings?

2017-11-01 18:37:12 UTC  

Cleaned it up a bit

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2017-11-01 18:41:20 UTC  

Is the flag supposed to look like it has cracks in it? Kind of cool if so

2017-11-01 18:42:04 UTC  

They're kinda the folds in the waving fabric

2017-11-01 18:42:18 UTC  

Shadows in the creases of the folds and wavy bits

2017-11-01 18:45:11 UTC  

I thought they were cracks too. The idea of America being cracked is a great visual since it highlights the division in the union

2017-11-01 18:45:47 UTC  

I mean, as long as it looks good, doesn't matter if it's intentional.

2017-11-01 18:46:00 UTC  

Restore the people

2017-11-01 19:45:20 UTC  

@Thötterdämmerung What do we gotta do to get 280 chars on our twitter? How is it being decided who gets 'em?

2017-11-01 19:45:38 UTC  

As far as I know the rollout was random

2017-11-01 19:45:49 UTC  

And hypothetically will eventually get to us

2017-11-01 19:46:03 UTC  

Why wouldn't they do it all at once?

2017-11-01 19:46:12 UTC  

I don't see the software not being able to handle that

2017-11-01 19:46:15 UTC  

To see if its a terrible idea

2017-11-01 19:46:18 UTC  

Who has an IPhone that listens to podcasts?

2017-11-01 19:46:21 UTC  

Which it probably is

2017-11-01 19:46:22 UTC  

I need help.

2017-11-01 19:46:44 UTC  

Real BBN's need 280 to express their thoughts.

2017-11-01 19:47:30 UTC  

There's a way to insert a script into Twitter to get it