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This is going to be similar to cards hide your hand and keep a good poker face dont let them get under your skin. Ask for any decisions in writing (if possible) worst case get in contact with brietbart.

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This situation isn't them fucking with you. its you getting to out play zog.

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That is a good way to put it. Thanks guys.

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Hows Austin treating yall? There will be footage of this speech for us to see right?

2017-11-04 02:42:53 UTC  

There will be

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What's the concensus on stickers? Do the mailing label ones work ok, or do we really need the professionally printed ones?

2017-11-04 03:37:10 UTC  

I posted some tonight, and it was good fun. We could mass produce these things with a laser printer, but if people don't care for them then no point.

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@NDO Nick-TX @NDO Eric - TX @SDO Phil-TX Garage, second level, be here ASAP if you can

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That was thomas

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@Ductapegang where are you?

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Tell Halfdan sister he's alive

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FUCK yes those look awesome

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Hell yea dudes!

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Fire and cop cars all around me, was intense.

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Did the cops do anything?

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Detained Eric for a bit. But other than that they only escorted us off campus. We were out of there fast.

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They didn't stop you from going on campus? Or yall just did it?

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@BraeJager - TX Either or for stickers. Depends who's willing to pay what. I'd eventually want to move into professional ones only.

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@ZeDwiver We came in silent, they followed us, surrounded us during the speech, then when I was done talking sternly let us know it was time to leave.

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Oh okay

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Already made twitter

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Let's ask this convicted woman beater some questions.

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There are roughly 494,000,000 Whites in this world of 7.6 Billion.
Europe has a population of 743.1 million. USA is 323.1 million.

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Apparently in Chicago its not ok to be white, considering about 4 of my posters have been torn down at least that proclaim it is ok to be white.

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The kvetching over this is going to be epic

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"False flag" reacts only.

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Pics were epic.

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I can't wait to see the Daily Texan take on this.

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Lmao I got banned from campus.

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what did they say?

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Forever. I got a "verbal warning for trespassing".

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Nbd fam.