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2018-03-03 02:57:06 UTC  

Funny article.

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2018-03-03 02:57:45 UTC  

`It was like suddenly Patriot Front had no platform at all.`
Except your website.
`And nothing lasting to show their internet friends, either.`
Except this article.

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2018-03-03 03:03:58 UTC  

>patriot front doesnt have a platform now!

2018-03-03 03:04:19 UTC  

>literally write an article about us promoting our activities indirectly

2018-03-03 03:04:52 UTC  

Not even mad they took our flyers down quick; they gave us a much larger platform than we originally anticipated.

2018-03-03 03:10:04 UTC  

@Donald OH can you be on call to water my plants next time I'm out postering?

2018-03-03 03:10:28 UTC  

Haha what??

2018-03-03 03:11:23 UTC  

Damn, did I miss the shitposting party before the wipe?

2018-03-03 03:11:58 UTC  

I love the snarky tone in the article like those degenerates don’t understand you take them down; we’ll put 50x more up; our posters look better, and our material is much more professional than their black, and red Cheeto dust encrusted communist bullshit.

2018-03-03 03:22:06 UTC  

"Public transportation is conveniently located right next to UMass Boston, and so we were able to be on the scene quickly. " Antifa confirmed for losers

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Finally got this after 4 weeks of waiting for shipping

2018-03-03 04:05:12 UTC  

sorry for potato picture

2018-03-03 04:05:36 UTC  

What pic are you talking about?

2018-03-03 04:05:48 UTC  

of my shirt

2018-03-03 04:06:10 UTC  

How is that potato 😂

2018-03-03 04:06:22 UTC  

My phone is a potato and has bad quality. At least I think so

2018-03-03 04:06:31 UTC  

Ohh got it 😂

2018-03-03 04:07:21 UTC  

Its a cozy shirt

2018-03-03 04:07:35 UTC  

why would you order a proud boys uniform?

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2018-03-03 04:07:47 UTC  

Thx bb

2018-03-03 04:08:09 UTC  

I saw it on Werwolf and thought it was a pretty neat shirt though so I decided to pick it up

2018-03-03 04:18:38 UTC  

I just wanted to take a moment to point out that Culver's is the official burger place of the ethnostate. Every time I go through the drive-thru it's the most attractive chick in a local area. And also the food is great. That too, lol.

2018-03-03 04:18:55 UTC  

Never heard of the place

2018-03-03 04:19:01 UTC  

@Goodest_Boy Fred Perry's are great fucking shirts

2018-03-03 04:19:54 UTC  

@Donald OH They started as a Wisconsin restaurant but are now branching out to the entire Midwest. If you're going to Michigan for the event you should totally hit it up because I know there's going to be one there.

2018-03-03 04:22:44 UTC  

We have some down here

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2018-03-03 04:24:19 UTC  

Official meal of the Alt right

2018-03-03 04:26:26 UTC  

I hate having no electricity

2018-03-03 04:31:27 UTC  

How am I supposed to read G O R I L L A M I N D S E T without light