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2019-09-27 06:13:01 UTC  

@thedarkness05 The problem is culture is hardcoded into our Dna to some extent

2019-09-27 06:13:19 UTC  

@Degenerate Furry I'm aware of epigenetics

I believe Chechens were the "good" guys in the 90's tbh.... Freedom fighters that wanted to to liberate their own country

2019-09-27 06:13:48 UTC  

Yeah so you know it's kinda hard if not impossible to get a same culture situation in a multi cultural society

2019-09-27 06:14:38 UTC  

@насильственное убийство (((they))) are the real enemy of people every, of every ethnicity and social status.

2019-09-27 06:15:03 UTC  

Well thats the thing. Most people comming into the objectively better western world refuse to assimilate, and choose to bring their flawed ideals with them

@Degenerate Furry Oh look, someone real

2019-09-27 06:15:55 UTC  

Which is why I hate to say this, I have a strong natural dislike of non whites, they have a different culture than me, and they come here and don't assimilate and try to change my culture, which they are succeeding in doing.

@thedarkness05 Problem with modern Western society is the degeneracy and liberal poisoning

2019-09-27 06:16:42 UTC  

But dIVeRsItY iS oUr sTrEnGtH

2019-09-27 06:16:44 UTC  

The chinese got it right tbh, "Baizuo" they have a term for them

Also what @Degenerate Furry Says is extremely relevant and valid.

2019-09-27 06:17:07 UTC  


Gotta be honest

2019-09-27 06:17:50 UTC  

Like itallians were considered non white. And before they even came off the boat they were proudly waiving the stars and stripes

2019-09-27 06:18:09 UTC  

What they have wrong is baizuo, is they say white left, A majority of this white left we're talking about is jewish. Zionistic jews. I have no hatred towards normal jews, Zionist though, 6 million wasn't fucking enough. But they refuse to confront and call out the zionist, so they gotta die too.

these past few years, I have legitimately HATE the word "diversity"

even when it isn't related to politics or anything like that. just the connotation and usage alone makes me burn with anger and hate

2019-09-27 06:19:04 UTC  

@насильственное убийство bruh, I work at a uni. You should see the propagana all over tje dorms

@thedarkness05 Oh I've seen it.... Man..... I've seeeeen......

2019-09-27 06:19:48 UTC  

Imaging paying 10K+ just to go get direct blast's of propaganda

We.... need.... a..... genocide....

2019-09-27 06:20:15 UTC

2019-09-27 06:20:17 UTC  

A lot of white people gotta die, we sadly have to clean out the more fringe and radical elements of us

2019-09-27 06:20:22 UTC  

Literally taken right now


2019-09-27 06:20:37 UTC  

And no we're not the radical, we're the logical side of this.

No such thing as Radical when trying to protect your people

2019-09-27 06:21:37 UTC  

All of the self hating "Whites" Yeah nah bullet to the back of the head


2019-09-27 06:22:07 UTC  

I hate that it has to be this way, but better me than my kids, I will do anything to ensure the future of them, and of your kids too.

"hurr Durr huwaite peepo bad" - Vanilla looking ass bitch

2019-09-27 06:22:25 UTC  

They're literally fucking NPC's

2019-09-27 06:22:31 UTC  

No original thoughts at all


"killing" them is a mercy


we need to unplug the npc

2019-09-27 06:23:08 UTC  

Better to be dead than someone trapped in a in a machine


2019-09-27 06:23:24 UTC  

Fallout 76 NO NPC's

[God is a Serb plays loudly]