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For example, if you read Siege you can target government workers sistematically all the way from postmen to the president

2019-07-23 18:13:48 UTC  

And he gives you guides

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Tf is seige and why do I keep seeing it

2019-07-23 18:14:19 UTC  

The unabomber tried to save society from itself

2019-07-23 18:14:47 UTC  

And said that the industrial revolution and its consecuences are a disaster for the human race

2019-07-23 18:14:57 UTC  

And he is right

2019-07-23 18:15:01 UTC  

''Siege is a book collecting the articles of American neo-Nazi James Mason, former leader of the National Socialist Liberation Front and Universal Order. It collects the text of Mason's SIEGE newsletter (1980-1986) and other propaganda, arranging it according to topic. It places an emphasis on gaining power through armed struggle rather than political means.''

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Mason is a pedo

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I mean, the book has good content and all

2019-07-23 18:15:56 UTC  

But some neo nazi fuckers made a religion around Mason

2019-07-23 18:16:05 UTC  

@Foxhound Siege is sorto of a diary entry for a neonazi that advocates for armed revolution instead of political capitulation

2019-07-23 18:16:36 UTC  

Basically they made a pedo cult

2019-07-23 18:16:40 UTC  

Mason was not entirely right, but not entirely wrong too

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Politically wise

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Because the us can't stay the same if a revolution happens

2019-07-23 18:17:34 UTC  

They would loose substantial amount of power worldwide

2019-07-23 18:18:16 UTC  

So if you want to take the Siege aproach you are basically making the us a madmax scenario

2019-07-23 18:18:51 UTC  

If you take the kazcinsky aproach you are taking a deep ecology route

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And for both of them the targeting of civilians is, even if unintentional, unavoidable

2019-07-23 18:19:36 UTC  

People HAVE to die

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So one has to have the most cristal clear view of their goals and an extremely detailed plan in order not only to succeed but to make a stable governing body. If you create a utopia it will fail

2019-07-23 18:23:15 UTC  

And in modern times it's more difficult to amass an armed insurgency with the power that the government possesses on everyday life, so in the case of the us, an 1776 scenario is (imo) impossible.

2019-07-23 18:23:46 UTC  

Could work with other countries or other objectives though, like the raiding of Epsteins island

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But thats just my opinión, take it with a grain of salt

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I don’t need the alphabet bois coming yet

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The only way to fight a boogaloo is a gurrerilla war

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That is correct

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It’s gonna be hard to find sides in this war it’s more complicated than left and right

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I’m more of a nationalist

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Modern armies still have problem fighting guerrillas in the middle east. Imagine fighting heavily armed angry nationalist americans in their own homeland

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I tried to do it in my country, i formed a nationalist movement and we got so far up to being on the news, but after some people got "exposed" we got dissolved and we are planning a "silent" approach now

2019-07-23 18:37:34 UTC  

Not to mention you have to find people to find their own

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I am just unsure of how safe it is to post some "interesting" manuals i have on here

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Not a good idea

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I mean depends

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Discord ain’t really safe