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2019-09-05 02:32:33 UTC  

My mosin is horribly innacurate

2019-09-05 02:32:41 UTC  

My ars my girl

2019-09-05 02:32:49 UTC  

I love my Yugo AK, and we meld well, but Lyudmila will always be my first and true love

2019-09-05 02:33:02 UTC  

Mosin was my first

2019-09-05 02:33:14 UTC  

My mosin shoots three feet to the right WITH the front sight post adjusted all the way to the right

2019-09-05 02:33:17 UTC  


2019-09-05 02:33:30 UTC  

I have no idea what to do about that

2019-09-05 02:33:39 UTC  

Sounds like the barrel is warped

2019-09-05 02:33:49 UTC  

Maybe put the bayonet on it and see if that helps

2019-09-05 02:34:00 UTC  

Oh yea that^

2019-09-05 02:34:37 UTC  

Will that fix the barrel harmonics or some shit

2019-09-05 02:37:12 UTC  

My Mauser is an absolute gem
Took me a while to adjust to it but being my first rifle I would go and shoot every chance I got

2019-09-05 02:37:36 UTC  

The same way that konot feels about his gun is the way I feel about mine

2019-09-05 02:38:08 UTC  

@jaguarknight when the feel is right, it's a form of genuine magick

2019-09-05 02:38:55 UTC  

Where would i find a mosin? The local gun stores don't have em

2019-09-05 02:39:26 UTC  

I was lucky and found one in a gun store here in VA, but you can try classic firearms, gunbroker, etc

2019-09-05 02:44:33 UTC  

Or ask around
Look at pawn shops to get a rough idea of the price
Anything over $400 just walk away
They should be around $300

2019-09-05 02:44:44 UTC  


2019-09-05 02:44:53 UTC  

Yeah about $320 including tax is what I paid

2019-09-05 02:45:40 UTC  

Fuckin' Obama is who we have to thank for that. When the ban on Russian imports came through, it drove prices through the roof

2019-09-05 02:46:15 UTC  

Ouch. I got mine $220 locally. And a second for $100 from a friend

2019-09-05 03:02:35 UTC  

Ay nice

2019-09-05 03:04:05 UTC  

I had to buy it. We bought our first rifles together, and I couldn't stand to have him sell it to someone else

2019-09-05 03:30:33 UTC  

Does anyone use the vc on here?

2019-09-05 03:31:20 UTC  


2019-09-05 03:31:37 UTC  

Specially when someone get drunk

2019-09-05 03:32:07 UTC  

Let's all get drunk and slay communists

2019-09-05 03:32:30 UTC  

Lets do it

2019-09-05 03:34:34 UTC  

Hey do you know its not murder when you kill a commie? Its considered destruction of property because they belong to the State

2019-09-05 03:51:15 UTC  

I bought mine for 20 dollars back in 1993

2019-09-05 03:51:31 UTC  

Boomers be like

2019-09-05 06:35:18 UTC  

@One Shot Paddy bought a communist in 1993 lmao real slavery hours

2019-09-05 06:37:51 UTC  

It was probably some politburo type who quickly turned capitalist as the Union fell

2019-09-05 12:18:08 UTC  

Speaking of slavery, this one time I went on a camping trip with some friends in the mountains out near the VA/WV border. One of the guys was black and he was funny as hell; he wouldn't stop making jokes about how is black people radar wasn't showing another black person for miles, right? Cuz we were so far out in the sticks it wasn't funny. He also did most of the cooking for us cuz he was really good at it. I told some guys in this innawoods server about it. Their response? "You brought a black guy camping and forced him to cook for you... based and southernpilled".

2019-09-05 13:12:28 UTC  

Heck yea brother

2019-09-05 13:13:03 UTC  

I play airsoft with this teddy bear of a black man he’s chill af and I got the nibba pass

2019-09-06 03:10:15 UTC  

Anyone have the ranger med packing lists?

2019-09-06 03:16:49 UTC  

Not sure if that works

2019-09-06 03:17:10 UTC  

Ranger handbook too far

2019-09-06 03:17:18 UTC