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2020-01-02 18:22:34 UTC  

Dasa alien

2020-01-02 18:22:36 UTC  

I'd shoot for the lower abdomen. Gotta give them time to repent.

2020-01-02 18:24:51 UTC  

Just nuke it from orbit man

2020-01-02 18:28:04 UTC  

*turns antifa POWs into battle gimps*

Figured it out. They go over the top first. Assless chaps, leather masks, and ball gags. Psyop, antifa wont want to link shane before firing

2020-01-02 18:28:45 UTC  

Just tell them to yell "LELOLELOLEEE" real loud

2020-01-02 19:40:51 UTC  

Won't be much to look at when you scrape it off your boot.

2020-01-02 20:50:27 UTC  

@queefburgler hoplite armor. The owner is very based and level 4 swimmer cut plate, ceramics, are like...$120 or less a pop usually. They're several pounds lighter than steel. I've had steel. Get the ceramics

2020-01-02 20:52:15 UTC  

Redpath for the carrier, Hoplite for the plates

2020-01-02 20:52:26 UTC  

That's what Im gonna do

2020-01-02 20:52:45 UTC  

And they do *full* custom orders too

2020-01-02 20:52:56 UTC  

I've bought hoplite and they're just... *wipes tears away* ...what a deal on quality

2020-01-02 20:53:10 UTC  

So i could have ahegao plate carrier

2020-01-02 20:53:14 UTC  

From them?

2020-01-02 20:53:38 UTC  

And screenshotted for future purposes

2020-01-02 20:56:49 UTC  


2020-01-02 20:57:20 UTC  

I'm saving up a few weeks and am gonna jump on hop lvl 4 sapi plates. Black multicam for the meme

2020-01-02 21:06:00 UTC  

"" *I just hope it's not over before **we get some***. ""

2020-01-02 21:09:13 UTC  

Brother, it hasn't even started yet

2020-01-02 21:12:48 UTC  

I know - I was making a joke that Merc probs won't see until I jinx it and or

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2020-01-02 23:09:26 UTC  

@INNYGMATYK @Hellhound6 @thedarkness05

The boogaloo is happening right now. Just not hot yet

2020-01-02 23:13:08 UTC  

Its a big igloo because the boog is cold for now

2020-01-03 01:35:06 UTC  

USMC scout sniper "HIDES" power point

2020-01-03 01:35:43 UTC  

USMC scout sniper "HIDES" student outline

2020-01-03 01:36:24 UTC  

USMC scout sniper "HIDES" lesson plan

2020-01-03 01:38:13 UTC  

I have MUCH USMC scout sniper instructionals

2020-01-03 01:39:41 UTC  

Thanks bruh

2020-01-03 05:22:06 UTC

2020-01-03 14:07:16 UTC

2020-01-03 14:10:37 UTC  

Meme mags know whats up

2020-01-03 14:22:13 UTC  

Sky king n wolverines

2020-01-03 14:22:57 UTC  

Ngl, I probably would rock all of em at some point
*even the lewd ones*

2020-01-03 14:23:46 UTC

2020-01-03 14:25:06 UTC  

That last one. I'd have a mag with it

2020-01-03 14:25:17 UTC  

Pure degen

2020-01-03 14:25:29 UTC  

But the aesthetic is pleasing

2020-01-03 14:28:26 UTC  


2020-01-03 14:28:49 UTC  

I liked the bamboo looking ones too