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2019-07-14 23:50:45 UTC  

Oh boy we all know

2019-07-14 23:51:21 UTC  

Me and the rest of the goon squad passed from the same situation

2019-07-14 23:51:39 UTC  

Or at least close to it

2019-07-14 23:52:11 UTC  

Best thing to do is let the time pass, and the problems will pass too

2019-07-14 23:53:30 UTC  

Yeah, I feel you man.

Well I'll probably be hanging around here more often now. I need to be part of some sort of community outside of work and school. I just moved to this area and I'm in need of the support.

2019-07-14 23:54:24 UTC  

Came here for the same reason

2019-07-14 23:54:54 UTC  

Need some fellow goons to hang out and relate to

2019-07-14 23:55:05 UTC  

Can consider people here more family then guys I know face to face, tbh

2019-07-14 23:55:31 UTC  

Yep. Most of my social life is online at this point.

2019-07-14 23:55:45 UTC  

Mine too

2019-07-14 23:56:23 UTC  

Well thanks man, it's nice to have someone to vent to

2019-07-14 23:56:37 UTC  

I'm gonna go to the store and grab some beer haha

2019-07-14 23:56:52 UTC  

Got your six, pal

2019-07-14 23:57:06 UTC  

Good choice lol

2019-07-14 23:57:22 UTC  

Beer's always good in these times

2019-07-14 23:57:51 UTC  

I don't drink much, but when I'm sad, a beer won't hurt

2019-07-15 01:49:04 UTC  

three drinks in

pulled some secret squirrel maneuvers and the person who sent that text is actually one of her female friends

petty lmao

2019-07-15 01:50:02 UTC  

A thot then

2019-07-15 01:50:16 UTC  

pretty much

2019-07-15 05:35:08 UTC  


2019-07-15 06:17:10 UTC  

Its good to see a fellow mythopoetic kommando

2019-07-15 15:44:14 UTC  


2019-07-19 17:49:19 UTC  

If there was ever a day I wanted to go on a rampage. Its today.

2019-07-19 19:01:16 UTC  


2019-07-19 19:22:50 UTC  

Bitches breaking hearts and being cunts

2019-07-19 19:23:13 UTC  

bitches arn't worth it

2019-07-19 19:23:40 UTC  

Is this like a legit tell us your problems ir more ironic?

2019-07-19 19:23:50 UTC  

no its legit

2019-07-19 19:25:08 UTC  

So I got my heart broke by this chick. Lived with her for a year, dated for 2. Fuckin ditched me for my best friend. Great time. Such a small town I can't even avoid her lmao.

2019-07-19 19:25:18 UTC  

Its great, constantly feeling like eating a bullet

2019-07-19 19:25:55 UTC  

wow that shit

2019-07-19 19:25:59 UTC  


2019-07-19 19:26:11 UTC  


2019-07-19 19:26:12 UTC  

It is.

2019-07-19 19:26:29 UTC  

atleast she didnt drag it on anymore and you got rid of all the back stabbing cunts all at once

2019-07-19 19:26:36 UTC  

I got really attached to her kid too. Built my whole world around em. Would have killed or died for them without thought

2019-07-19 19:27:10 UTC  

Except she did. 90% of our mutual friends don't talk to me now because I'm "toxic". Just found out the guy she left me for? Still talking to other bitches

2019-07-19 19:27:39 UTC  

So now I'm here with a gaping chest wound where my heart used to be, wondering how much shit I can actually take

2019-07-19 19:29:00 UTC  

sounds like its time to get out of that shitter ass town man, change it up and such you know

2019-07-19 19:32:57 UTC  

Would if I could

2019-07-19 19:33:54 UTC  

i would start saving up and start planning man, just think about the future and dont think about people that did you dirty other than them being a reason to move forward