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Thanks @Dustin

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@Thomas Ryan where at?

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Idk, look at the link or article or know where @joe TX has been doing all his stuff.

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read the banner chink

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She gets paid for her looks, not her ability to read, apparently.

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I noticed that lol

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"My professors Jewish" oy vey

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"Students in a Texas Politics class say it was a hot button topic in class Monday morning as students weighed in on whether it was freedom of speech or hate speech.

"A majority of the class was voting for this is hate speech," Poo in the loo said."

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Sure they were.

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Accelerationism is certainly the answer for universities. The more anti-White they become, the lower their quality. We want the entire university system discredited and destroyed.

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Can we spam this pajeets Twitter with show bobs and vagene and bitch lasagna

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Bitch lasagna is hate speech

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So is hate speech still not protected?

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Hate speech has always been protected

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On this day in 1970 some white green berets crash landed a helicopter in the middle of son tay POW camp in north Vietnam in an attempt to free some dudes from commies. 47 years later we struggle to find brothers who will risk social status for advocating in their own people's interests online.

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@502ssOtto posted this. Puts our predicament in perspective

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Whites are very conscious of social status. They knew then that they'd be praised and that there was glory in what they did. Not saying it makes it right. But realize social ostracism and conformity worked in our favor once upon a time

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Clever ^^^

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Faces blurred enough?

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Just got my cards. I'll start doing that.

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The press package is a box with a pop-out middle finger that comes out when you lift the top.

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But what is shes hot?

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Then don't let her leave your basement.

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It's a guy

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You guys did sparring too? Nice! 👍🏻

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Works for Study Break magazine. Never even heard of that publicaiton.

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Hikes in Houston, sparring in Austin

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Postering in DFW

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Last weekend, anyways