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2019-05-27 21:57:27 UTC  

degenartes in genaral

2019-05-27 21:57:37 UTC  

little psyops

2019-05-27 21:58:03 UTC  

Then it will be easy when the boog kicks off and they go set up in their little safe house only to find out that it’s full of HMTD

2019-05-27 21:58:23 UTC  

Or I could just teach them how to make the shit and then report them for making it

2019-05-27 21:58:34 UTC  

that would be funny af

2019-05-27 21:59:06 UTC  

I think I’m gonna do it.

2019-05-27 22:00:15 UTC  

It will be my magnum opus

2019-05-27 22:00:30 UTC  

lol a beautiful one at that

2019-05-27 22:01:23 UTC  

A leftist pro-gun group?

2019-05-27 22:01:26 UTC  


2019-05-27 22:01:41 UTC  

ya the antifa type

2019-05-27 22:01:46 UTC  

are para military

2019-05-27 22:01:50 UTC  

It’s not. They’re antifa edge lords

2019-05-27 22:01:55 UTC  


2019-05-27 22:02:07 UTC  

>ya the antifa type

Pick one

2019-05-27 22:02:21 UTC  

I just wanna see how they’re equipped lol. I was married to a socialist. I can speak their lingo

2019-05-27 22:02:27 UTC  

look up redneck revolt

2019-05-27 22:02:32 UTC  

Ohhh those guys

2019-05-27 22:03:09 UTC  

They're not terrible, they're pretty chill, they just don't like neo-nazis and actually recognize that the way we fought nazis last time was with... you guessed it, guns

2019-05-27 22:03:56 UTC  

I have no problems with em

2019-05-27 22:03:57 UTC  

they support antifa therfore are also terrorist

2019-05-27 22:04:40 UTC  

i have a bud in asheville and when the elections went on some republicans shop got shoot up

2019-05-27 22:04:40 UTC  


2019-05-27 22:05:05 UTC  

If antifa are terrorists then the boy scouts are paramilitaries

2019-05-27 22:05:21 UTC  

but the whole goverment and cops up there are all under the same little banner of socialists

2019-05-27 22:05:24 UTC  

Those dudes couldn't execute an operation to save their lvies

2019-05-27 22:05:27 UTC  


2019-05-27 22:05:50 UTC  

never underestimate

2019-05-27 22:06:05 UTC  

Dude. I used to move in those circles. Trust me. They're pathetic

2019-05-27 22:06:25 UTC  

Their marches (except for the occasional black bloc style ones) are beyond retarded

2019-05-27 22:06:31 UTC  

Their rhetoric is shakey at best

2019-05-27 22:06:45 UTC  

And the most they really do is organize rallies

2019-05-27 22:06:50 UTC  

The media pumps them up

2019-05-27 22:07:21 UTC  

idk after what i've seen in asheville them being so organized i've changed my tone about them

2019-05-27 22:07:51 UTC  

the maine stream supports them

2019-05-27 22:08:14 UTC  

It's the same way they make it seem like neo-nazism is such a national, coast to coast issue, like there are neo-nazis hiding in your neighborhood and shit. Sure, they exist, and sure, some of them know their shit and can actually make shit happen, but the vast majority aren't on that level, and they're not nearly as big as the media makes them out to be

2019-05-27 22:09:25 UTC  

The way I look at it, one thing they are right about is that the working class of people need to quit fighting each other and be armed to the teeth. The government and the fucking elites are the God damned problem

2019-05-27 22:09:42 UTC  

They pit us against each other for their personal fucking entertainment and profit

2019-05-27 22:10:13 UTC  

I'm not necessarily advocating socialism, but I damn sure am not gonna sit and say the current system is all that great

2019-05-27 22:10:29 UTC  

the goverment and the left wing are the problem in my eyes

2019-05-27 22:10:54 UTC  

i think we need to go back to super small goverment