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2019-06-01 03:38:47 UTC  

and fight things

2019-06-01 03:39:12 UTC  

Kick the govt in the dick
Rebuild it
Do it better

2019-06-01 03:39:18 UTC  

yee yee

2019-06-01 03:39:54 UTC  

I just want my compound with tunnels leading to my homies houses

2019-06-01 03:40:08 UTC  

I just want my girlfriend to have access to planned parenthood and Medicaid for the healthcare of the baby, for our friends to be able to smoke weed, more unions, and lots of gun rights

2019-06-01 03:40:37 UTC  

I also wouldn't mind corporations paying their taxes

2019-06-01 03:40:38 UTC

2019-06-01 03:40:54 UTC  

Kinda wanna use this but that would be political

2019-06-01 03:41:06 UTC  

Fuck it

2019-06-01 03:41:08 UTC  

Do it

2019-06-01 03:41:20 UTC  

the reason corporations dont pay alot is becase how much they create

2019-06-01 03:41:25 UTC  

"Just as the forefathers intended"

2019-06-01 03:41:29 UTC  

roads jobs cause new homes to be built

2019-06-01 03:41:44 UTC  

make whole new cities

2019-06-01 03:41:56 UTC  

No, it's because they got rid of all the taxes and regulations on them starting in the 70s through lobbyists

2019-06-01 03:41:58 UTC  

they take off taxes so long as they create

2019-06-01 03:42:02 UTC  

And buying congressmembers

2019-06-01 03:42:20 UTC  

unregulated is the best regulation

2019-06-01 03:43:28 UTC  

Dude, look at the 2019 budget. They paid only 7% of all the revenue for the government, while we paid 49% in income tax and 37%in payroll. Meanwhile job and economic growth is barely fluctuating. They talk about that all the time on every financial news channel and paper.

2019-06-01 03:43:35 UTC  

What exactly are they creating?

2019-06-01 03:43:41 UTC  


2019-06-01 03:44:12 UTC  

not to mention why are any of us paying so much fucking tax

2019-06-01 03:44:17 UTC  

But that's my point they're not. The job growth doesn't correlate anywhere near with the amount they retain from not paying taxes

2019-06-01 03:44:20 UTC  

we had a whole ass war over this

2019-06-01 03:44:25 UTC  

WE should be the ones not paying taxes

2019-06-01 03:44:32 UTC  

Corporations are not people

2019-06-01 03:45:06 UTC  

true they get rights like them though

2019-06-01 03:45:13 UTC  

for so odd reason

2019-06-01 03:45:25 UTC  

We had a war over a 3% tax

They get 28% of my paycheck.

GW woulda been stacking bodies by now

2019-06-01 03:45:28 UTC  

Well that's becaus they lobbied to get rid of Citizens United successfully

2019-06-01 03:45:37 UTC  


2019-06-01 03:45:44 UTC  

get rid of that and we would be good

2019-06-01 03:46:25 UTC  

Yeah, you wonder why that is? Because the corporations don't pay shit! You should not be paying nearly that much. None of us should be. But corporations that generate billions in revenue every year are somehow no different than us? Fuck that. That's corporatist bullshit.

2019-06-01 03:47:22 UTC  

Squid are you still fucking with that guy?

2019-06-01 03:47:34 UTC  

nah he got fucked

2019-06-01 03:47:35 UTC  

No, Squid... they already GOT rid of Citizens United. By doing that, getting rid of it, it ensured that corporations can do whatever they want. When that law came down, it became legal for all intents and purposes to purchase Congress

2019-06-01 03:48:22 UTC  

Companies are also treated as a person

2019-06-01 03:48:26 UTC  


2019-06-01 03:48:29 UTC  

im lost

2019-06-01 03:48:33 UTC  


2019-06-01 03:48:38 UTC  

they should not be treated as people