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2019-07-18 21:42:35 UTC  

Remember gents, big brother is watching. Boogaloo safely

2019-07-18 21:47:28 UTC  

But he was executed in Morroco

2019-07-18 23:10:06 UTC  

Ah I see, I misread it

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2019-07-19 00:33:51 UTC  

and i got my plates today

2019-07-19 04:02:38 UTC  

Wow I didn't realize this was a paganfag server.

2019-07-19 04:08:22 UTC  

Bet your fuckin' ass it is

2019-07-19 04:11:13 UTC  

Enjoy burning for all eternity, as there is nothing more Jewish than rejecting Christ.

2019-07-19 04:11:48 UTC

2019-07-19 04:11:51 UTC  

I got a new deck of cards

2019-07-19 04:12:03 UTC  

Luckily I have the perfect card for you all

2019-07-19 04:12:08 UTC

2019-07-19 04:12:18 UTC  

Since yall wanna act like fucking clowns in here

2019-07-19 04:25:34 UTC  

Coming from the dude whose screen name is American Tsarist? For the people that lived so fucking opulently that they become reviled for it by the very people they fucking ruled over? How about you take your self righteous eastern orthodox crucifix or whatever the fuck you call it and shove it up your ass and around the corner you hypocritical fuck

2019-07-19 04:26:35 UTC  

Last I checked, Jesus was a god damn poor af carpenter from the middle of fuckin' nowhere who hung out with cripples and probably married a prostitute

2019-07-19 04:26:58 UTC  

I missed you guys

2019-07-19 04:27:04 UTC  


2019-07-19 04:27:49 UTC  

I just came in here [email protected] how I’m literally sitting ahtop my overlander vehicle but y’all fighting

2019-07-19 04:30:07 UTC  

Fighting about religion kek

2019-07-19 04:30:35 UTC  

I can deal with a lot a shit. I can deal with rubbing elbows with fascists and eco fascists or whatever the fuck y'all wanna call yourselves even if I think your beliefs about jews are about as outdated as Hugo Boss' uniform designs (I mean really? Black, gray, and leather with skulls? Fuck an a), and I can deal with being called a communist and a socialist for just believing in a few things that ain't exactly "all American". I can even handled being called a fag because I'm fuckin' bisexual! But you wanna come in here and tell me I'm goin to hell because I don't believe in your fuckin' sky daddy? How about you say that shit to my face, fucker

2019-07-19 04:30:37 UTC  

Roman Catholic Church or no organized church pls

2019-07-19 04:30:48 UTC  

@AKAlexei don't waste your time this fag left

2019-07-19 04:31:32 UTC  

So there is no reason to fuck around church anymore

2019-07-19 04:31:42 UTC  

*sigh* sorry

2019-07-19 04:31:55 UTC  

I don't get riled about a lot

2019-07-19 04:32:00 UTC  

But some things just push my buttons

2019-07-19 04:32:17 UTC  

Don't worry m8

2019-07-19 04:32:34 UTC  

I hate ppl like him

2019-07-19 04:32:45 UTC  

So i was kind of pissed of too

2019-07-19 04:33:46 UTC  

I feel it

2019-07-19 04:33:52 UTC  

Alrighty, I'm calm again

2019-07-19 04:34:02 UTC  

And laughing at my own Hugo Boss comment

2019-07-19 04:35:58 UTC  

I mean seriously? What was the dude thinkin' xD fuckin' black leather on gray and concrete colored uniforms with those silver epaulets and shit? Lmfao I mean shit fam πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

2019-07-19 04:36:40 UTC  

@Foxhound @Sir Harndes come on even you guys can agree right?

2019-07-19 04:37:57 UTC  

*crashes through wall* DID SOMEONE SAY DAS JUDEN!?

2019-07-19 04:38:35 UTC  

What a piece of fucking shit. Nothing more jewish. Suck my fucking Pagan cock you jewdog piece of shit

2019-07-19 04:38:53 UTC  

Leave it to the fascists to make me laugh again

2019-07-19 04:39:06 UTC  

Twas my intent

2019-07-19 04:39:17 UTC  

Though the second half was my actual sentiments

2019-07-19 04:40:55 UTC  

I mean I am Russian orthodox so all your opinions are below me