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2019-08-04 00:37:14 UTC  

Link us up, let's see what the freak had to say

2019-08-04 00:37:25 UTC  

Assuming he wrote it, of course

2019-08-04 00:37:31 UTC  

But they never speak what kinda manifesto

2019-08-04 00:37:45 UTC  

They did say it was written by someone else tho

2019-08-04 00:38:02 UTC  

El Paso shooting leaves 20 dead, 26 injured; investigators probing potential 'nexus to hate crime'

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2019-08-04 00:39:26 UTC  

This article is shit

2019-08-04 00:39:50 UTC  

It claims 3,000 people were in the walmart? That's around the same number as WTC.

2019-08-04 00:40:41 UTC  

It says max capacity was 3000

2019-08-04 00:41:04 UTC  

It must’ve been a full Walmart to have 50 casualties

2019-08-04 00:41:24 UTC  

Max capacity of 3,000? Bullshit

2019-08-04 00:41:39 UTC  

The WTC was a fuckin' skyscraper and that's how many died. Fuck that shit.

2019-08-04 00:41:53 UTC  

Fox News is drumming up fear like crazy

2019-08-04 00:41:57 UTC  

They all are

2019-08-04 00:43:27 UTC  

They sure are

2019-08-04 00:43:36 UTC  

Causing fear and all

2019-08-04 00:44:21 UTC  

Hopefully nothing comes of this

2019-08-04 00:49:11 UTC  

I suggest 4Chan if your trying to get the truth

2019-08-04 00:59:03 UTC  

@AKAlexei The larger Walmarts can most definately fit 3k people. That is the absolute *max* capacity

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2019-08-04 02:15:32 UTC  

From the tribe hike today

2019-08-04 02:24:34 UTC  

>be me
>be taking care of cats for gf while she and family are in mother russia
>be carrying
>get done taking care of the kitties
>remember you need a couple groceries
>run grocerystoretime.exe
>pull into the parking lot
>oh... right... I decided to go to a walmart...
>decide to leave problem solver in the car so I don't have a swat team on me in my bougie ass neighborhood walmart

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2019-08-04 02:38:32 UTC  

I think there are two different groups of them. I've gotten banned for posting left wing anti-trump shit

2019-08-04 02:41:53 UTC  

I did a test

2019-08-04 02:43:25 UTC  

I posted 2 things: The only time a communist looks good is with their face underneath my boot


The only time a Nazi looks good is with their face underneath my boot.

2019-08-04 02:43:32 UTC  

Care to guess which got me banned?

2019-08-04 02:43:45 UTC

2019-08-04 02:44:58 UTC  

That image is tragically accurate. See, and that's the thing, I've gotten banned for making posts about how much of a scumbag trump is and others, and shit like that. I had to make a whole new facebook account because everytime I posted even one thing, I'd get the banhammer

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2019-08-04 04:38:23 UTC  

I’m ab to the point wear I need to shave my head and wear my Adidas tracksuit with gold stripes and move somewhere else and carry around a Makarov under my jacket

2019-08-04 04:39:02 UTC  

Why move when you can do all of the above anyway?

2019-08-04 04:39:17 UTC  

I do it practically every day

2019-08-04 04:39:45 UTC  

Albeit I just forego the Makarov and pull out the AK

2019-08-04 04:40:54 UTC  

There ain't no shame in being a hoodrat boi, my dude

2019-08-04 04:41:02 UTC  

Especially gopnik

2019-08-04 04:43:35 UTC  

Yea I hate to look like one of those commie 12 yr old on the internet. I’m no where near a communist but I am some more drawn to my polish/Eastern European roots. I’m going somewhat through an identity crisis rn tbh idk where I wanna go with my life

2019-08-04 04:43:59 UTC  

Tovarisch, being gopnik is not inherently communist

2019-08-04 04:44:08 UTC  

Being gopnik is all about doing the big business