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New general, nighttime hours.

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Cant believe all you faggots are still in VC.

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Jk jk.

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Gn m80s.

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I find it funny how peoppe call us cowards for wearing masks but the boston tea partiers literally wore whole disguises to keep their identity hidden

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Fir-DAMN IT lol

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plz repost :c

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Can you see it

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Yup. I forgot to pull it down

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You can delete if you want

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Says failed to load for me

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Full vid of commies getting physically removed by Azov goys in Kiev

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I want to live in an America where we can physically remove Commies

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Yall mind if i just dab some gass on ya bitch muhfugga

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Here's a laugh, brothers. They can be scarce, so cherish it.

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“It cant be real guys, the government said so!”

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I believe it more because they denied it.

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Fucking canada. Seriously i hate them.

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So is Trudeau a crypto Jew like his dad was?

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Im guessing yes. Anyone who is willing to let browns flood the country and work against the interests of his people is no better than the dirtiest of baby-dick-sucking kikes.

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@Pale Horse - FL Maybe we could pretend to support gun control and talk about how it will curb black violence and throw some hatefacts out there?

2018-02-18 16:04:18 UTC  

I see no tangible benefit from confronting that protest. Nothing that is within our power to do would yield favorable results.

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Better to let the dogs run around in the yard, and bark until they’re tuckered out.

2018-02-18 16:11:24 UTC