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2019-09-05 19:02:15 UTC  

Yeah, tbh. Like I don’t have to worry so much about getting snatched up as I do my best friend Dannae.

2019-09-05 19:02:42 UTC  

I gotta say meeting y'all has been a fucking blast. Glad that meme came into my feed today

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2019-09-05 19:03:13 UTC  

Glad I finally got around to joining the discord. Worf.

2019-09-05 19:03:15 UTC  

Same here

2019-09-05 19:03:34 UTC  

I like that I have a place that I can discuss off the wall.topics with like minded people

2019-09-05 19:03:42 UTC  

Without being made out to be insane

2019-09-05 19:03:53 UTC  


2019-09-05 19:04:13 UTC  

Gotta be wary of the echo chamber thing. I experienced it in person last week and had to do some introspection

2019-09-05 19:04:56 UTC  

I've managed to redpill the guy at Fuelmart,now every time we meet we talk about Phil Schneider

2019-09-05 19:05:25 UTC  

I'm always open to devil's advocate POV. But fuck half the world is a liberal echo chamber.

2019-09-05 19:05:48 UTC  

The majority of the east coast is one for sure

2019-09-05 19:05:50 UTC  

This was the one rightish wing chamber

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2019-09-05 19:06:28 UTC  

@Thomatorr, King of Ohio#8778 don't let your dreams be memes

2019-09-05 19:06:34 UTC  


2019-09-05 19:06:54 UTC  

I like to study the occultism behind politics and shit, and I got no one to really talk to. I've kind of gone into a depression because I don't have anyone to bullshit with on the regular

2019-09-05 19:07:32 UTC  

I’m the treasure of a chapter of the KY Federation of College Republicans, and dawg, they echo chamber so hard I’m glad I can reason their asses out of boomerism.

2019-09-05 19:07:58 UTC  

@Thomatorr, King of Ohio go beat a nigga over the head with a stick and make a friend

2019-09-05 19:08:01 UTC  

I went to that Minds IRL event that Sargon and Tim Pool put on. Honestly the people on stage were varied and had a lot of different view points, good on the event for being intellectually diverse. The attendees however, is what scared me. All jeering, and ooing at the same things. Making similar comments. Not the most fun time

2019-09-05 19:08:13 UTC  

Idk if I'm right wing or any label. I just believe full hearted in a person's bill of rights and civil rights. Also the right to their own body.

2019-09-05 19:08:30 UTC  

Hell I'm only so active because of the got dang hurrican

2019-09-05 19:09:00 UTC  

With ya on that Tac

2019-09-05 19:09:13 UTC  

As a side note, sargon and rucka rucka are hella small

2019-09-05 19:16:57 UTC  

@Thomatorr, King of Ohio bullshit with me

2019-09-05 19:17:50 UTC  

suh fam

2019-09-05 19:17:54 UTC  

Mans even sent me a friemd request

2019-09-05 19:17:56 UTC  

Waddup boyos

2019-09-05 19:18:02 UTC  

Procrastinatin while i lify

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2019-09-05 19:18:30 UTC  

I'm killin time before heading to the track. Too crowded earlier

2019-09-05 19:18:49 UTC  

i finally found the song,but im gonna post it in music as to not clog this place up and stay in line,but this came on when I was out side of my car talking to the state trooper and he couldnt keep a straight face

2019-09-05 19:19:19 UTC  

(General shit posting is fine to a point)

2019-09-05 19:20:07 UTC  

Just stay off the fucking grass

2019-09-05 19:20:25 UTC  

Sorry dad Ill flush my weed :'c

2019-09-05 19:20:36 UTC  

dont take my everquest account

2019-09-05 19:20:38 UTC  

We calling merc daddi now

2019-09-05 19:20:40 UTC  

I aint about to get knife handed by sarnt maja

2019-09-05 19:20:42 UTC  

Cause I'm down

2019-09-05 19:20:44 UTC