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I literally just sent that to my brother

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Kangz on suicide watch

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little funfact, they're turning Bucky, former Winter Soldier, into White Wolf, Black Panther's white sidekick and adopted brother who is also second in line for the throne of a Wakanda. If they're dedicated to trying to bring back race relations to that of the 90's, they may kill off Steve Rodgers and replace him with Sam Wilson, the Falcon, to make a Black Captain America. But then kill T'challa, the Black Panther and have a White guy in charge of Wakanda.

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Based pic of MacArthur during his tenure as superintendent of West Point

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They’re adding more than a fifth of their population with muds. You know their new arrivals’ birth rate is gonna be at least 5-8 per family. Ireland is literally gone.

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Don't count my tater nogs out yet.

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Yeah don’t count them out yet.

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The only country I’ve given up all hope in is Sweden

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Migrants quickly brought can be quickly sent home.

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Russia will save us all🇷🇺

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In Peter we trust

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I’m just dumbfounded tbh.

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No, we're going to save ourselves because we aren't waiting on some rapturous chance occurrence to sweep us to a better future. The cogs of history are turned by the force of will alone, and that comes from people working at something consistently. Sometimes for months, sometimes for years, sometimes for decades. The time does not matter. The effort does.

If nations fall it's because, and can only ever be a result of, their members and inheritance not doing enough work to save them.

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Well said

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This is why the IRA is so cucked they’ll bomb their own bars to kill a few English soldiers but EVERYTHING they are fighting for is going to be GONE within 150 years if they don’t reset their priorities.

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If you let every clown world headline take you out of commission, you're going to be in for a rough time. There's a new one every single day, crazier than the last. "Newsflash: Things Are Bad, Experts Confirm"

Tune it out. Let it fade into the background. We know things are bad. Don't take it as a tragedy anymore than what it really is. A challenge. A chance to do what no other generation may have been able to.

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It fuels me though

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The anger propels me forward

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Hate will be the emotion that saves the West

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What angers me *just about* more than anything else is unfulfilled potential.

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I prefer "fury" "indignation" & "righteous anger"

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I agree @Thomas Ryan

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It’s more motivating than anything else. Headlines that really make it apparent how pressing our work is, and it also paints a vivid picture of what we’re up against for those on the fence. It’s not a peaceful melting pot with assimilation and harmony, it’s complete and utter replacement because they disdain all that we are.

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I agree. But the ultimate question we must ask ourselves is: is this job possible?

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I sure hope it is.

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I want to do everything in my power to make sure this country isn’t lost, and that my family and my family name has a future.

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If we overcome our odds, we’ll be the finest white men to ever live. I take comfort in that.

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Then we will die trying. There is honor in a sincere failure. There is none in giving up

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I agree. That’s a risk I’m willing to take, a job I’m ready to do.