Message from Halfdan in Front And Center #general

2018-02-26 21:41:28 UTC  

Friendly Alliance of Goyim (FAGs).

2018-02-26 21:42:03 UTC  

If they zucc the page, prepare to be zucced too.

2018-02-26 21:42:27 UTC  

Yes I put the gas station sticker up

2018-02-26 21:43:07 UTC

2018-02-26 21:43:48 UTC  

ur not even huwhyte

2018-02-26 21:49:00 UTC

2018-02-26 21:49:11 UTC

2018-02-26 22:03:45 UTC  

The DMV in Rosenberg TX is nothing but blacks and mexicans

2018-02-26 22:08:59 UTC

2018-02-26 22:09:04 UTC  

^*Nathan TX is an Emo kid* CONFIRMED

2018-02-26 22:10:25 UTC

2018-02-26 22:11:30 UTC  

Tom, are we still allowed to post the Austin Sieg Heil mishap video in general?

2018-02-26 22:11:55 UTC  

I think Halfdan said no

2018-02-26 22:13:02 UTC  

@Halfdan I hate you. First they ban our bumpstocks. Then you ban our videos.

2018-02-26 22:13:56 UTC  

Not the best optics

2018-02-26 22:13:58 UTC  

Staples 👌🏻

2018-02-26 22:14:09 UTC  


2018-02-26 22:14:12 UTC  


2018-02-26 22:14:23 UTC  

@Halfdan what’s the song in that vid?

2018-02-26 22:14:50 UTC  

Sieg heil by mr bond

2018-02-26 22:17:53 UTC  

Great to be back, boys.

2018-02-26 22:17:57 UTC  

@hussar Don't be racist anymore, fam.

2018-02-26 22:18:07 UTC  


2018-02-26 22:20:29 UTC  

If it's not too much more expensive, I recommend using heavier paper for your posters. Less wrinkly, looks and feels nicer, more professional optic. Just a thought.

2018-02-26 22:23:35 UTC  

If thomas is okay with it you can share it @lawfag5335231

2018-02-26 22:25:03 UTC

2018-02-26 22:25:12 UTC  

Cats are sexbots for women.

2018-02-26 22:26:47 UTC  

using pets as surrogate children is most definitely a thing, but you have to frame it right for people to take you seriously

2018-02-26 22:27:13 UTC

2018-02-26 22:28:28 UTC  

If only he was actually shooting them... As a prank. Id never actually advocate such violent acts. I swear

2018-02-26 22:28:58 UTC  

@Kek yea, I agree. But I'm a poor goy $0.32 a page is hard to beat.

2018-02-26 22:28:58 UTC  

He actually says "I'm shooting you" in the video

2018-02-26 22:30:24 UTC  

@lawfag5335231 lol, a prank shooting... like, yo yo yo, it's just a prank, stop bleeding everywhere

2018-02-26 22:32:40 UTC  

beans and rice fam

2018-02-26 22:32:46 UTC  

cheap and good

2018-02-26 22:33:08 UTC  

Huh. IE is actually doing something around here.

2018-02-26 22:33:53 UTC  

That is why you drop it and go, famalam. Especially over interstates.