Message from Donald OH in Front And Center #general

2018-02-27 13:20:26 UTC

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Quote of the day gents. *The nation is life in its fullest form. It is action through projection of purpose, it is continued existence based upon the past actions of your forefathers. The nation is you and your people, it cannot be exchanged with other parts and positions of other cultures that do not wish to uphold the mantle of responsibility.

The nation is one area, it is one banner, it is one people. It is a nation insofar that they have a willpower to continue, if a people are degraded if a peoples spirt wans, if displays of manly direction and womanly production are hindered in any way, you will see the death of your nation.

Apathy is death, purpose is life, the nation is life.*

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What about wire or telegram? @Thomas Ryan

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I agree with a lot of their critiques. It's just the tone in which they say it which is annoying

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> slightly ugly

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Hahahaha @Josh OH

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requesting "good night white pride" sleepy pepe image

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>implying that white pride is bad.

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Give me a fucking break

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Think you Ohio boys might be fucked. You need to avoid this guy so you dont get eaten

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What a beta

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Don’t assume his gender

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That’s regressive

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Imagine being so fat a scarf can't hide it

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Under the scarf

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Nice glasses dweeb

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no, not that one. He looked happier

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no, stahp

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Consider Ireland dead fam. It's gone.

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Begorrah! Tis another potato famine!

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nvm fam, your pepe was accurate

2018-02-27 15:52:15 UTC  

feels bad man

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Not even funny fam. *Weeps in potato*

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This is why we have to win the rot started in america it has to stop here.

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fix America, fix the world

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The 5th Massachusetts Potato regiment is in the job

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Erin Go Bragh