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2017-02-03 18:26:55 UTC  

Also, is it going to be a rightwing only thing or open to wall ideologies against communists?

2017-02-03 18:27:05 UTC  

the thread said only non leathal means only

2017-02-03 18:27:15 UTC  

>what are rubber bullets and beanbag rounds

2017-02-03 18:27:19 UTC  

It is the civic duty of Americans to volunteer for their time and effort for their community of their own volition

2017-02-03 18:27:21 UTC  

Imagine full blown nazi uniform groups helping the community

2017-02-03 18:27:26 UTC  

pure self defense

2017-02-03 18:27:32 UTC  

Get a salt shotgun for 20$

2017-02-03 18:27:34 UTC

2017-02-03 18:27:34 UTC  

Maybe not NSDAP uniforms, but still fashy.

2017-02-03 18:27:35 UTC  

>implying rubber bullets are not lethal at close range

2017-02-03 18:27:38 UTC  

They use them to kill bugs

2017-02-03 18:28:02 UTC  

I was thinking a navy blue or grey, with visor caps of course.

2017-02-03 18:28:09 UTC  

If we go full fashy we'll be demonized as nazis

2017-02-03 18:28:13 UTC  

Any non-lethal weaponry can be lethal under the right circumstances

2017-02-03 18:28:15 UTC  

American colors

2017-02-03 18:28:52 UTC  

You're essentially doing the work National Action used to do in the UK

2017-02-03 18:28:55 UTC  

before they got banned

2017-02-03 18:28:55 UTC  

Swaying public opinion requires controlling their perception

2017-02-03 18:28:57 UTC  

So if you are that worried about killing someone your only option is letting them beat you or extreme martial arts.

2017-02-03 18:29:02 UTC  

Quite so @Rasenemus

2017-02-03 18:29:04 UTC  

Maybe something that would look more like US service uniform than nazi uniforms?

2017-02-03 18:29:15 UTC  

Also don't mind my gay af pic

2017-02-03 18:29:20 UTC  

It's ironic

2017-02-03 18:29:21 UTC  

Think duck dynasty

2017-02-03 18:29:22 UTC  

Correct, Deakhon.

2017-02-03 18:29:25 UTC  

no gogo

2017-02-03 18:29:26 UTC  


2017-02-03 18:29:37 UTC  

Just absolutely 'Murica as possible

2017-02-03 18:30:20 UTC  

Think NJ state police style.

2017-02-03 18:30:29 UTC  

Like this^^^ @everyone

2017-02-03 18:30:39 UTC  


2017-02-03 18:30:44 UTC  

You guys mind if I give out this discord to VOL?

2017-02-03 18:30:48 UTC  

sure, go ahead

2017-02-03 18:30:49 UTC  

But with maga hats

2017-02-03 18:30:52 UTC  

If I may request, can you do some recordings?

2017-02-03 18:31:01 UTC  

I'm in the UK so I can't really do much

2017-02-03 18:31:06 UTC  

Turn on your mic Rase, we can talk.

2017-02-03 18:31:07 UTC  

I'd honestly like to see how you get on

2017-02-03 18:32:54 UTC  

I'm sure there's lefty protests you can defend people from and clean up after in UK

2017-02-03 18:33:01 UTC  

How is funding going to work?