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Pro tip: Don't post in general right away because I haven't made the settings so that certain folks can't see it yet. Crucial several seconds.

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Saw this on an old TRS thread about us. Very nice guy. Love seeing these types of messages.

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`Yeah. They are constantly praising the Jew Anton Levy, as they call for the murder of white people, declare white people don't deserve to exist, and say they want to speed-up white genocide. I am going to write this all up at some point. I think the feds are planning to use them for some kind of high-casualty event so they can then clampdown on the entire right-wing.

That might sound like a conspiracy theory, but why on earth would they not be arresting people who are openly talking about planning terrorist attacks? At the very least, there is a "let it happen on purpose" agenda instead of a "make it happen on purpose" agenda - there is simply no other explanation as to why they would allow a terrorist group that is already killing people to continue to operate with impunity.

These people deserve to be rounded up and questioned, all of them, and the ones who have engaged in the planning of terrorist attacks should be charged like anyone else would be. The feds have continually set "white supremacist neo-nazis" up for fake crimes, okay. Matt Hale is doing 40 years for some trumped-up entrapment shit, Bill White is doing 17 years for allegedly sending threatening emails.

And Atomwaffen openly says they're going to slaughter people for satan, has already killed five people, and the media barely covers it and the feds do nothing? Who is kidding who here?`

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Makes sense. ^

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Imagine believing atomwaffen is actually viable and not just a data mining opportunity for the feds.

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It might come down to their actual leadership not encouraging crime

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Isn’t that Odin guy still leader I don’t think he’s encouraged crime directly

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Their leader is now a guy that goes by "Rape". I don't think they've been lead by Odin for quite some time.

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I remember hearing about him back in the early days of VA, then AV, but never really learned much about those circles because of my distance to them.

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Their current guy is a sperg compared to the other leaders, which is of course saying something, and recent leaks show open discussions, on Discord no less, of where and how to commit terrorist attacks.

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Which is the dumbest thing you could do short of chopping off your nose into your morning cereal with a plastic spoon.

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Yeah seems they went full psycho since their a little less so origin

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Probably just too small a group to catch attention yet

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A few more killings and they might be considered a terrorist group

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Hopefully it doesn't come to that. That'd help no one, not even them, get to anything anyone wants.

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this is from aestheticeuropa

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That's a whole lot of red. Love the statue.

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Saw this on the highway the other day. I like the valknuts in the axe heads

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Apparently Mr. Trump supports confiscation of property first, followed by due process.

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I think he says these little things to rile up the base and keep them from getting complacent

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I'm planning on joining the NRA tomorrow, y'all should too.

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Activist tier white people.

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NRA are cucks. They’ll send everybody down a river for shekels. I remember some big NRA mucky-muck was talking about compromising with all the gun grabbers, along with IRaqveteran8888888888 and hickuck45 and pretty much every big shekel generating jewtube gun channel except... yankee marshall of all people