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@everyone New general

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Interact with that Gab post ^^

**Also, note to guys doing activism, which is everyone**
Try to include photos with people in them. Even if it's a hand putting up a poster, or a person's back placing a flyer under a car windshield, or someone crouching down to paint a banner. Humanize, and show activists directly doing dynamic things, not just what they have done.

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Some examples.

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If you don't like and rt ur dead 2 me

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Good Twitter analytics are your purpose in life now goyim

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Gib numbers

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When are the rallies in Memphis supposed to happen?

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Rallies in memphis?

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It happened Saturday. It was Billy roper and 10 of his closest friends

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How were the optics?

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Do you know who Billy Roper is?

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If you did, you wouldn't need to ask that lmao

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Aryan Nation guy?

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Former NA guy

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He was close to Pierce

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@Michael Shit man, welcome.

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Have a look into the mind of someone who has purity spiraled into oblivion

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Thanks. PF seems to be the national organization I have been looking for all along, glad to be a part @Hussar

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is that originally an of mice and men reference?

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Hey @everyone . In regards to the Twitter, don't get baited into arguments with commies who post on everything we do. Just ignore them if anything. I'm not saying don't have fun, but @digitaloverlord is the real winner when we engage with her.

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@Michael Welcome, get your state tag at the end of your name.