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Lemme see if I still have my pdf's.

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Start there. 3, 2, 1.

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100 Questions, then the Doctrine, then Tomorrow We Live.

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Great start.

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@Thomas Ryan Thanks. I've had that book recommended to me a lot, so it's high time I've read it. The only book of fascist doctrine that I've looked into is Rosenberg's, and there were some things in there that I didn't necessarily agree with.

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What book was that? @Fash Gordon UT

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I feel like the British interpretation of Fascism is likely among the closest that we would see implemented in harmony with America's national spirit, although it is by no means an exact, we share much in the ways of our history of government and laws and all that.

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Doctrine of Fascism by Mussolini is a good book on fascism. It provides a very short, boiled down explaination of the core characteristics, it's basically fascism for dummies

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@Victor MD I'll read it. Thank you!

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Anarcho Tyranny in one photo.

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@Chris MA Where is this?

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American Fascism

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Y'all keeping up with the twp event?

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@Charlemagne MD Knoxville speech?

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"If I take that off, will you get doxxed?"

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@Thomas Ryan that’s the Soldiers and Sailors monument at the center of Boston Common

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Boston, gotcha gotcha. Pretty monument. Always double check so we have as few post-delete-postings as possible.

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Never saw this. They interviewed Casey about us.

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`“[Patriot Front] consider themselves fascists, we’re more of an identitarian organization,” Casey said. “Identitarianism is a way of looking at things that focuses on identity, and of course our identity is white Americans or people of European heritage. Identitarianism doesn’t imply authoritarianism, it doesn’t imply a particular form of government, of economics and so forth, whereas I think fascism and obviously national socialism certainly do.”`

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@Thomas Ryan it would be very painful....for you.

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Got a link?

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I posted the link, it's right there friendo.

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What a snake

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@Kek Explain? I don't find anything offensive in what he said.

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The Virgin IE vs the Chad PF

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Fascism does imply a form of govt lol.

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`Patriot Front did not respond to requests for an interview.`

Damn straight.