Message from Jay MI in Front And Center #nirlv_general

2017-12-23 18:44:06 UTC  

New murdoch murdochs out if yall watch them

2017-12-23 19:27:09 UTC  

@Chris GA Awesome. Let me know how it goes. Pics of posters.

2017-12-23 19:27:22 UTC  

@hyena Are they still on YT?

2017-12-23 20:19:58 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan the post announcment trailers there then upload full videos to cheekyvideos

2017-12-23 20:20:13 UTC  

Ill post link

2017-12-23 20:21:18 UTC  

But the whole archives there aswell as when the do new uploads

2017-12-23 20:36:29 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan The meeting went really well. Cool dude, I'm looking forward to working with him. It started raining on us so we didn't get to postering, unfortunately. I'm planing on postering tomorrow

2017-12-23 21:39:38 UTC  

Shit its been raining here the whole week lol aint suppose ta stop till monday

2017-12-24 02:37:00 UTC  

Invested in a color LaserJet printer, and printed 100 pages of these flyers

2017-12-24 02:38:51 UTC  

I got sick of running out of ink

2017-12-24 02:44:08 UTC  

Idk why but my printers slow as shit i really aught get a cord because doing it wireless takes 20 mi utes for firat copy after that i just scan and copy em and they come out quick but still its like wtf

2017-12-24 02:52:26 UTC  

20 minutes?? I would definitely get a cord, that's screwed up

2017-12-24 02:58:58 UTC  

Ya had no idea it would take that long i bought think hey wireless thats cool i can print from my phone or the computer and i still can but its just annoyingly long data transfer. It has the cord option aswell it just didnt come with the cord so ill pick one up. Theres like no more places to poster round here till classes start back up on the 15th Anyways because im in a real rural area and ive already gotten the town overs city hall

2017-12-24 04:18:55 UTC

2017-12-24 04:19:02 UTC  

Passing out flyers is fun.

2017-12-24 04:20:25 UTC  

Guess i could wait outside of a bar but somehow i dont think a bunch of drunks getting into there cars would be prime flyer passing to material lol

2017-12-24 04:20:41 UTC  

@cj schröeder How are things in TN? When are you meeting with @hyena again?
@Chris MA What happened with that guy who was going to apply?
@Jay MI Nice... profile picture? When was the meet with @Steven MI again?
@Salazar VA If you're feeling isolated, meet with some of the MD guys. There are folks who would come to you.
@Tyler TX How goes it?
@backwoodstrad91-wv How goes it?
@ashrob NJ How are things?

2017-12-24 04:21:25 UTC  

@hyena Maybe not. But if you get a Trump rally, or town hall, or Republican something, patriot rally. Something. Lots of opportunities.

2017-12-24 04:22:26 UTC  

Ill keep my ear to the ground

2017-12-24 04:36:10 UTC  

Aw sheeit. Did I forget to mention that I have a tat of Anne Frank on my face? Seriously though, everything is good. Steven and I met up last Sunday.

2017-12-24 04:37:26 UTC  

What if a pregnant anne frank time travled and ended up in the confederate states of america. This is a common thread on pol and his

2017-12-24 04:39:20 UTC  

Im at 71% Revolution. Way more than y'all cucks. Step up.

2017-12-24 04:39:30 UTC  

It's like y'all don't want 1776 to commence again.

2017-12-24 04:40:51 UTC  

Sheeeeet 1776 is nice but fries rebellions pretty nifty to lol

2017-12-24 04:41:53 UTC  

I try to never have any "meh" answers on these tests, so that may account for some more hardline stats where I may not actually have them. The tests don't work as well if you're the type to give maybe's.

2017-12-24 04:43:58 UTC  

I agree when i took it there were really only 2 questions i had a middle answer on but that tends to be because of wording or i just dont care about the issue i dont remeber which questions they were but when i did it i had fatherland family work

2017-12-24 04:45:38 UTC  

Another issue I run into personally is whether I'm implying the standards on the current State, or my ideal one. For instance, I want the current one to be as relaxed as possible because it lets our agenda flow, but my ideal one is, well, Fascist.

2017-12-24 04:51:33 UTC  

True there is a difference between current state polotics of pragmatism and the ideal state. I would say that im not revolutionist on that because i think sepratism is a more peacful way, hell thats why i live off grid and am trying to be self sufficent eventually get more land and start something. but if need be by all means destroying the enemy utterly is always an option

2017-12-24 04:54:44 UTC  

Could be the order in me shineing through i was military police afterall

2017-12-24 04:59:06 UTC  

I feel that way at times but then I remember what happens every time we, as a people, move another freeway exit away from diversity.

2017-12-24 05:00:00 UTC  

Self sufficiency should be the goal of every man.

2017-12-24 05:01:05 UTC  

@Jay MI true this is our nation i view it more as setting up a fob though thats why i made sure it had water and good defensable land

2017-12-24 05:03:57 UTC  

Yup. Water is key isn’t it. You are doing solar too right?

2017-12-24 05:05:20 UTC  

Yhea aint been to great last 3 days its been rai ing so on generator. Soon as i get my welder gonna make a wood gas generator so i dont need to buy gas for it

2017-12-24 05:07:27 UTC  

Are you familiar with the Kakeloffen? It’s pretty cool. It’s basically a wood burner that utilizes baffles and fire brick to make radiant heat for your home

2017-12-24 05:07:52 UTC  

Serious trad european stuff.

2017-12-24 05:08:23 UTC  

@hyena Full seperatism will be a difficult thing do complete, because you're leaving behind an enemy that still holds superior power. Without negating, rising to supercede the legitimacy of, or utterly destroying the existing power structure through cultural, social, or active means, you're running away from a fight instead of losing it. However, from a revolutionary perspective, neither strategy is mutually exclusive, as our people need to have somewhere to rest their heads where the world and community still makes sense.

@Jay MI Self sufficiency may be a goal, but a fully unified American nation state will need to be just that, unified. If every man is a nation unto his self, then there is no unity, and no ultimate strength. The goal of the nation should be self sufficiency, and the goal of the individual as a member of that collective should be to help it.

2017-12-24 05:09:45 UTC  

Good points

2017-12-24 05:13:15 UTC  

And believe me, in the urban hellscape that is the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, where barely maintained and drug addled lower-middle class suburbs stretch far into the horizon growing ever outwards from the surrounding crime ridden city centers, I would love to see anywhere else. However, my fight is here. Every drop of blood. Every inch of soil. No matter the cost. No matter how stained.