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2017-12-21 18:20:52 UTC  

And, as a woman who has any semblance of our views, if you are not putting every ounce of your effort into building and sustaining a large family, it's negligent.

Now don't get me wrong, men should be as well, but there's a different dynamic because guys who believe what we believe also need to be getting out in the streets.

2017-12-21 18:24:21 UTC  

Like i said im just glad she has the views, i want more women to have the political views not more to be commentators. It was just good to see a women that did. I fully agree that women aught be traditionalist wives and mothers.

2017-12-21 18:25:00 UTC  

We're not attacking you, just explaining our thoughts.

2017-12-21 18:28:32 UTC  

Its all good.

2017-12-21 18:29:17 UTC  

Completley unrelated apparently my dog hates crains because hes flipping out that one just landed in my yard

2017-12-21 18:29:34 UTC  

he just wants to hunt

2017-12-21 18:29:36 UTC  

poor guy

2017-12-21 18:30:58 UTC  

@Josh OH dont know if thered be much to eat on one there pretty skinny lol

2017-12-21 18:31:15 UTC  

let me rephrase

2017-12-21 18:31:19 UTC  

he just wants to kill

2017-12-21 18:31:21 UTC  

poor guy

2017-12-21 18:31:36 UTC  


2017-12-21 18:31:38 UTC  

Lol commie killers his middle name

2017-12-21 18:31:46 UTC  


2017-12-21 19:57:33 UTC  

Beautiful rant

2017-12-21 19:57:42 UTC  

Good post

2017-12-22 05:26:01 UTC  

Anyone thats good with art stuff if they can make this not look like shit i think the idea would be a good poster

2017-12-22 05:29:22 UTC  

๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚
I think it's just fine as is.

2017-12-22 05:30:13 UTC  

I think the appeal of braking shackles or chains is something with undeniable Marxist overtones.

2017-12-22 05:31:21 UTC  

And we're *just* getting the hang of proper figure design with our art team, so complex images with 4 or more people who need very specific features in dymanic poses may be a bit difficult.

2017-12-22 05:32:59 UTC  

I think the nose on the jew really makes it pop just saying lol

2017-12-22 05:33:36 UTC  


2017-12-22 05:34:38 UTC  

I any case they do a good job i like our posters

2017-12-22 05:43:43 UTC  

poc dont have arms

2017-12-22 05:43:57 UTC  

good symbolism because they're useless

2017-12-22 05:45:36 UTC  

Uhhh ya its deffintly that, not that im shitty at ms paint or anything, symbolism, thats it. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

2017-12-22 05:46:54 UTC  


2017-12-22 05:48:04 UTC  

Time for coffee and radical agenda

2017-12-22 19:27:46 UTC  

I got fatherland work and family i like these little tests

2017-12-22 20:19:43 UTC  

Fatherland ยท Family ยท Order

2017-12-22 20:22:18 UTC

2017-12-22 20:23:02 UTC  

i like how capitalism and communism are perfectly tied

2017-12-22 20:23:08 UTC  

aka Fascism

2017-12-23 04:37:41 UTC  

Fatherland. Family. Order

2017-12-23 04:41:04 UTC  

More commie than capitalistic... might need to gas myself

2017-12-23 04:42:16 UTC  

@Chris GA How is the meet with the new guy going?

2017-12-23 04:45:26 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan our schedules are a little conflicting, but we are meeting up tomorrow for coffee

2017-12-23 04:45:45 UTC  

Make it happen. Awesome.