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2018-01-03 07:02:28 UTC  

My McChild soldiers use crew served weapons, so what nog

2018-01-03 07:02:49 UTC  

I'll agree with that. I heard it once put that if you aren't moving, shooting or reloading, you're probably dead.

2018-01-03 07:03:02 UTC  

@Goodest_Boy I've actually been running PF out of a Ugandan compound guarded by the best child soldiers blood diamonds can buy.

2018-01-03 07:03:30 UTC  

BTW, the last 100 posts are just a taste of the drama that split tails would bring to the grunts.

2018-01-03 07:03:53 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan well as long as you have a contract and don't violate the NAP

2018-01-03 07:04:16 UTC  

^memes that I don't really understand, never having been a libertarian

2018-01-03 07:04:27 UTC  


2018-01-03 07:04:43 UTC  

I was a about lucky

2018-01-03 07:04:45 UTC  

Muh nap

2018-01-03 07:04:55 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan I had no idea I what I would ignite at 2am EST. I am so fucking sorry.

2018-01-03 07:04:56 UTC  

I was a HUGE libcap

2018-01-03 07:05:28 UTC  

@Sam Specter PA Brah, it's alright. All the general gets purged anyways. All the messages go away, like tears in rain.

2018-01-03 07:05:40 UTC  

Being a shitlib does give me a unique perspective on the left tho.

2018-01-03 07:05:42 UTC  

Billy and I can trigger some ancap autism from time to time.

2018-01-03 07:05:58 UTC  

that pic with the punch is good

2018-01-03 07:06:06 UTC  

everyone looking swol as fuck

2018-01-03 07:06:13 UTC  

the exact opposite of antifa cowards

2018-01-03 07:06:21 UTC  

@NDO Eric - TX I was a former anarchist get on my level

2018-01-03 07:06:35 UTC  

First PF meet up right there

2018-01-03 07:06:45 UTC  

We beat the fuck out of each other.

2018-01-03 07:06:50 UTC  


2018-01-03 07:07:04 UTC  

nothin wrong with a good old fight club

2018-01-03 07:07:35 UTC  

I was a Libertarian for about 45 solid seconds on my way passing through to becoming a Fascist. Was a good moment, all things considered.

2018-01-03 07:08:12 UTC  

i was ancap

2018-01-03 07:08:15 UTC  

for like

2018-01-03 07:08:17 UTC  

3 months

2018-01-03 07:08:28 UTC  

@Blumenkrieg That's gross, fam

2018-01-03 07:08:42 UTC  

I used to worship gary johnson

2018-01-03 07:08:56 UTC  

I was ancap as a joke, until I met some people who took that joke seriously.

2018-01-03 07:09:02 UTC  

AnCapism is antithetical. Capitalism requires a system of heirarchy that Anarchism is supposed to abolish.

2018-01-03 07:09:03 UTC

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2018-01-03 07:09:26 UTC  

Ancapitalism is just jewish feudalism

2018-01-03 07:09:41 UTC  

you think

2018-01-03 07:09:45 UTC  

thats gross?

2018-01-03 07:09:47 UTC  

@EuroChad Feudalism actually makes sense, even if it doesn't work.

2018-01-03 07:09:57 UTC  

i was a bernie bro up until *late* 2015

2018-01-03 07:09:58 UTC  

But its *jewish*

2018-01-03 07:10:23 UTC

2018-01-03 07:10:25 UTC  

Feudalism can only exist in a couple of instances

2018-01-03 07:10:27 UTC