Message from Patrick MI in MI Goy Scouts - Official 👌 #activism

2018-01-16 02:54:17 UTC  

Like I want to plaster the crime and budget data all over that shit right now.

2018-01-16 02:54:24 UTC  

I never knew people like this existed

2018-01-16 02:54:59 UTC  

Being a retard baby must be hard

2018-01-16 02:55:34 UTC  

They want to March from the diag to the venue approximately two hours prior to the event, so we should plan to get in the venue before they start marching.

2018-01-16 02:56:30 UTC  

Or dude, I could get a megaphone and try and act like their leader, and get them to say chants that are ridiculous "fuck whypipo" etc

2018-01-16 02:56:38 UTC  

Lol 88 ppl follow their page

2018-01-16 02:57:39 UTC  

I got to think of some good chants

2018-01-16 03:33:53 UTC  

Let's infiltrate a meeting.

2018-01-16 03:34:00 UTC  

Or better, crash one.

2018-01-16 03:39:44 UTC  

Yes and record it

2018-01-16 04:26:52 UTC  

Need numbers for that.

2018-01-16 04:30:24 UTC

2018-01-19 03:40:31 UTC  

@Jay MI reminder to post images of the banner when you're done, what was the slogan again?

2018-01-19 05:43:02 UTC  

If we're going to have 3-4 for the projector we'll need an SUV

2018-01-19 05:43:10 UTC  

move muh move

2018-01-19 05:43:15 UTC  

Or a wagon

2018-01-19 05:43:19 UTC  


2018-01-19 05:43:25 UTC  

thats what im saying role call

2018-01-19 05:43:48 UTC  

Burg won't be here

2018-01-19 18:11:42 UTC

2018-01-19 20:08:32 UTC  

@Deimos-MI what's the timeline for Saturday and who's coming

2018-01-19 20:08:54 UTC  

You, me, Himmler, Jay

2018-01-19 20:09:01 UTC  

Sounds good man

2018-01-19 20:09:17 UTC  

I'm going to go ahead and buy that projector this weekend I think

2018-01-19 20:09:36 UTC  

Get there around 4:30PM, banner up by 5PM, go for PT about 20-30 mins, then drinks for an hour should bring us to about 7PM, from then on we poster until people got to go

2018-01-19 20:10:14 UTC  

Five pints of Guinness activism

2018-01-19 20:11:42 UTC  

Dude, I can put in $250 to help you out there, but I'd have to wait for next Friday

2018-01-19 20:11:52 UTC  

A little short right now.

2018-01-19 20:24:37 UTC  


2018-01-19 20:24:44 UTC  

I should be able to cover it

2018-01-19 20:50:52 UTC  

Are you sure?

2018-01-19 20:51:47 UTC  

It must be nice being 4% Jewish, #loadedtothegills 👌

2018-01-20 02:31:55 UTC  

We're meeting tomorrow at the parking lot of 96 and Pinckney at 4:30PM

2018-01-21 03:50:57 UTC

2018-01-21 03:51:04 UTC

2018-01-21 03:51:10 UTC

2018-01-21 03:51:17 UTC

2018-01-21 03:51:29 UTC  

shit dat last one is awesome

2018-01-21 08:18:48 UTC  

Banner Guidelines: 1) BIGGER IS BETTER 2) Don't include large signs in the picture, it makes the banner appear small 3) Try to get a shot of the traffic and the banner along with closeups of just the banner 4) Make sure the sun is not behind you 5) Bring American flags.

2018-01-21 08:18:54 UTC  

@Jelly MI Please pin

2018-01-21 08:20:25 UTC  

Thomas gave some suggestions for banner pics