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Goodest_Boy 2018-02-13 15:51:26

What the hell is it with niggers and being tacky? That background just looks fuckin goofy.

Chris7577TX 2018-02-13 15:57:30

Well, there's lots of foliage in their natural environment.

Jelly MI 2018-02-13 16:16:55

NDO Eric - TX 2018-02-13 16:19:32

NDO Eric - TX 2018-02-13 16:19:33

Only place to shoulder press in this gym

NDO Eric - TX 2018-02-13 16:19:53

Homeboy is doing bicep curls with the bar.

NDO Eric - TX 2018-02-13 16:20:03


ArmaVirumqueCano 2018-02-13 16:22:26

Use dumbbells nigger

Thomas Ryan 2018-02-13 16:38:24

@arcloop Up until pretty recently folks could see the full server list anyhow. Even then, not all of those guys who entered are in channels folks can see depending on their vetting status, and not all of them are online/offline at the same time. The main thing that could be gotten from that info is our total number of members, but that number is shown on links when I give them out anyways.

Thomas Ryan 2018-02-13 16:39:04

Not saying it's a bad idea, though.

Thomas Ryan 2018-02-13 16:45:40

😃 ⬆

Jelly MI 2018-02-13 16:53:34

Front page?

Thomas Ryan 2018-02-13 16:53:57

Front page, above the fold. Nice real estate.

NDO Eric - TX 2018-02-13 16:55:02

Above the Superbowl too.

Mooch TX 2018-02-13 17:07:24

They must know da wae, my brudas.

NDO Nick-TX 2018-02-13 17:15:27

I'm 100% willing to assist them in their endeavor

hlaiwas 2018-02-13 17:26:18

I’m gonna upload the Austin demonstration to IG shortly

Thomas Ryan 2018-02-13 17:26:36

From the YT vid?

hlaiwas 2018-02-13 17:26:41

Yes sir

hlaiwas 2018-02-13 17:27:23

Downloaded, just posted about Dresden so will let that calm down then post the vid

Thomas Ryan 2018-02-13 17:27:59

This is another great vid, got taken down off YT because our optics were too slick.

Thomas Ryan 2018-02-13 17:28:07

I think it's mirrored on YT somewhere.

hlaiwas 2018-02-13 17:32:56

Damn that ones nice too

Thomas Ryan 2018-02-13 17:44:17

@ArmaVirumqueCano Better tell your wife and kids that you're actually an incel.

lawfag5335231 2018-02-13 17:53:21

Plot twist. His wife's pregnancy is a hoax

Lathan_TX 2018-02-13 18:10:14

RedPillArchives is interested in joining with PF. Dunno if he's wanted???

Thomas Ryan 2018-02-13 18:15:40

@Lathan_TX DM me about it, give me all relevant details

NDO Eric - TX 2018-02-13 18:28:07

Shout out to the Washington guys. Good after action article as well.

ArmaVirumqueCano 2018-02-13 19:10:29

Fuck @Thomas Ryan @lawfag5335231 they are onto me. Thousands of dollars on realistic dummies to fake pictures, and the stress of running a fake wife account with a huge YouTube following down the drain.

hlaiwas 2018-02-13 19:11:54

@ArmaVirumqueCano doxx yourself. What’s your jewtube acc

The_Eternal_Frog 2018-02-13 19:14:16

FUG. > tfw you get insomnia due to your massive dislike of browns n thots. No-a sreeperu.

FASHRABBIT 2018-02-13 19:14:43

FASHRABBIT 2018-02-13 19:15:10

And in keeping with the traditions of the blacks I did steal this picture

Thomas Ryan 2018-02-13 19:23:55

Comment on our UT Demo vid from YT:
`Holy shit the leader is young but firey. In a few years he may be the leader to take the torch from Heimbach and Spencer (who I think are okay commenters but not leaders) and get this thing really going.`
But really, all this is possible because of you guys, more credit should go to the torchbearers imo.

Mee6 2018-02-13 19:34:46

She’s not wrong fam

Mee6 2018-02-13 19:35:35

Big reason why I chose PF was because it had young leadership. Also, you can’t be a federal agent at 18 👍

ArmaVirumqueCano 2018-02-13 19:36:04

@hlaiwas it's actually my wife, she doesn't have any content, but is kinda famous for her comments